Totter’s Otterville Reivew

Thanks to the Polar Vortex (which sounds more like a theme park ride than a weather phenomenon) we have been stuck inside for days at a time. Thankfully we live close to some great indoor parks, play areas and pools! We took advantage of that last week and hit up Totter’s Otterville!

With 33 stations of kid playing fun, Totter’s Otterville will not disappoint!


It’s pretty open with tables right in the middle of the place so you can drop your coats, bags, and sit down while the kids play. Personally, I like to walk around and watch my kids play so I can snap a few pics 🙂 Little Lady LOVED the dancing area, but once again the boys ran from place to place and I am pretty sure loved it all!





Have you ever been? What’s your favorite “room/station” at Totter’s Otterville?

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