Traders Point Creamery

Best friends and good food! That about covers our girls weekend get away to Indianapolis! What a relaxing, fun time! You might have already seen a few of our pics. There was no “mommy..mommy..mommy..mommy…mommy” “I’m hungry…I’m tired…I’m bored…stop hitting me..etc…etc” No dishes to clean, floors to sweep or laundry to put away! Just my dearest friends and amazing food!

Our third stop, and quite possibly my favorite, was to Traders Point Creamery. You know how I like to eat fresh, local, organic as much as possible. Well you can’t get much fresher than this! See those cows (there were more in the barn as it was a bit too cold for to be pastured just yet), they provided the milk for the delicious cheeses, yogurts and ice cream…oh the ice cream…for our lunch! WP_20150306_027

Their mission. To farm in harmony with the land and the animals. Produce the most nutritious and healthful product possible. Encourage education of farming and nutrition. And promote a community of local food and sustainable farming, reconnecting farmers & consumers.

I ordered the mac and cheese…because…well…I LOVE MAC AND CHEESE!! It’s my go to comfort food! How could I pass up my favorite carb! Especially when it was made with gemelli pasta, bacon, kale, cottage cheese, sautéed onions and bread crumbs! WP_20150306_020 The cheese cave! Traders Point Creamery has a wide variety of cheese, all from 100% grass fed and pastured cows! I even bought some at their little market store on the way out! WP_20150306_026

“We have discovered just how important grazing animals are to human health. When animals are raised on pasture and eat the rich greens, they acquire nutrients that are important to human health. When people eat products such as milk, meat, and eggs from grassfed animals, research suggests that the risk of diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disease and cancer is reduced.” -Dr. Peter Kunz, owner of Traders Point Creamery

It’s nice to eat lunch at a restaurant whose owner “gets it”. They understand and value the fact that what we eat is directly related to our health! We were there to enjoy lunch, but Traders Point Creamery also has an amazing brunch and dinner menu, a private event room called “The Roost”, and farm tours. They are also a picturesque location for a wedding! WP_20150306_029 I hope you can make it to Traders Point Creamery some day…I know I am going back! Traders Point Creamery 9101 Moore Road Zionsville, Indiana 46077 (317) 733-1700 I mean…look how cute their chocolate shots are!

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