Two rules!

So if you are new here…I have two boys! Two crazy, energetic dirty, smelly, precious, fun, 23 months apart, love them to pieces – BOYS! I also have a sweet, lovely, cuddly little girl. 🙂



If you have a few little boys running around your house, you know…the bathroom is disgusting…DISGUSTING! It always smells like a urinal. Thank goodness for the little blue disks that automatically clean the toilet. When they actually get the pee in the water that is! I would love to sit on a toilet in my house without having to look and make sure all is safe! For the most part, the boys are banned from “our” bathroom and have been limited to “their” bathroom/the hall bathroom, or outside, which I think they actually prefer 🙂

But that’s not even what this post is about. This post is about the only two bathroom rules (other than the obvious, wash hands, aim for the water, etc.) we have and what happens when they’re broken. It’s not pretty.

Bathroom rule #1- Flush the toilet. Have you ever heard that saying…”If it’s yellow let it mellow, if it’s brown flush it down.” Not at my house! You use it, you flush it! FLUSH THE TOILET! Pee, poop, vomit, whatever….FLUSH THE TOILET! It helps keep the smell at bay and also…just flush the toilet!

Cleanest thing in my house...because I am the only one who uses it! Why can't boys flush the toilet!!

Bathroom rule #2 – Shut the door. Shut the door when you are using it, shut the door when you’re done. Shut the bathroom door. This rule serves several purposes. Again, it keeps the smell at bay, it teaches privacy, and (probably most importantly) the little lady of the house loves water! LOVES WATER!


Why are these rules important…

Well let’s pretend for a second that I am cleaning up from dinner and send the kids to play.
Let’s pretend for a second that they were all three playing so nice and I was enjoying 5 min. to myself.
Let’s pretend that I hear splashing…I run upstairs….I see water splashed on the walls…and little lady….wait for it…wait for it….




Do you remember Katie Kaboom from Animaniacs? Well, that’s kinda what happened next. I may have gone a little crazy. There was some yelling, there were some timeouts, there was some reiterating of the bathroom rules, and by all means there was a bath and a cleanse with On Guard!!

As that all sinks in, let me tell you it didn’t end there…

As I was ever so sternly “talking” to the oldest, who at this point was in tears (enter mommy guilt). He says “I am so sorry mom! But…I filled up the army men bucket and brought it in my room and put it on my dresser and it tipped over.” (exit mommy guilt, enter are you kidding me!)

So while little lady is still in the “get urine off of you” bath, I go to the boys room and see the dresser, with all it’s drawers open, and an empty bucket tipped over and water dripping out of every drawer of clean, folded, now soaking wet clothes. And the carpeted floor swishing beneath my feet.

My laundry pile was instantly quadrupled.

Yes, this all happened at the same time. Ah, the joys of parenthood. At least it’s not dull. 🙂


Just to help you feel better about your parenting…as if this post didn’t already do that…here are some more “Kid…why are you doing that…NO STOP!” stories for ya! (This one…and this one)

So how was your night?

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