Veggies…what are those?

My kids just love eating all their veggies…oh wait…no they don’t. Not. At. All. In fact, other than carrots and the occasional green smoothie, I am pretty sure my kids have no clue what real veggies even look like. To prove that point, while we were gleaning from my Aunt’s super impressive garden last summer, one picked up a tomato and called it a ball and the other a zucchini and called it a weird hot dog! And yes, this is coming from “the Healthy Hen”.

It isn’t for lack of trying. I do the ranch dressing dip for broccoli, which works sometimes, and actually spaghetti squash has made it past their lips. But on a regular every day kinda routine, my kids hate veggies.

Until now that is! Let me introduce you to Missy Lapine, The Sneaky Chef and her fabulous new products that are available at Remke’s to the Cincinnati/NKY Market. Love them!

This magical kitchen wizard, has managed to hid a whole line up of veggies in foods that kids already love! And, actually my favorite part, is that one of the products is No-Nut Butter, which means that you can make a no-nut butter and jelly sandwich and send it to SCHOOL! Or No-Nut Butter cookies! Whoa!

My peanut butter loving kids…I mean they could eat it every day for breakfast, lunch and dinner….LOVE this stuff! I make it with jelly or honey and they eat it right up! Awesome!

Another quick favorite around here, even with my husband, has been the pasta noodles, which are packed full of veggies and the sneaky sauce!


The noodles cook white which is a nice little bonus for those who judge their food. I mean. I know some people who won’t even taste something if it looks “weird” or “different”. I served the elbow pasta with the Cheese Red, and GONE!



With absolutely no complaints!


You can see all of The Sneaky Chef’s Products and learn about the process by visiting her website, facebook page, or follow her on Twitter!

But that’s not all! Not only is The Sneaky Chef super awesome at hiding veggies in foods kids will actually eat, she is GIVING YOU ALL OF HER PRODUCTS!! FREE!!

That’s right, just for you her pasta sauces, No-Nut butter, and veggie-loaded pasta noodles! That’s a whole box of free food, free veggies laden, tastes delicious, healthy food…delivered right to your door!



Awesome right?! I know!!

To enter please leave a comment below about what product you are most excited to try! And, just to spice things up a bit….for an extra entry(s)..share on FB or pinterest (the pic of the two sauces), and let me know you did in separate comments!

Winner will be picked at random on Dec. 22nd. Good luck!


  1. Ashley says:

    I would love to try the products. Does she have any organic or natural products? I have read her and Jessica seinfeld’s cookbooks. I personally liked Jessica’s better, but like the ideas of both. I purée yellow squash and cauliflower and freeze it and throw it in whatever I can like pasta sauce, mashed potatoes, tomato based sauce for chicken or beef.

  2. mary says:

    I would love to try the no-nut butter and the cheesy red.sauce! My daughter turns her nise up at all veggies unless they are frozen peas,

  3. Michele Turner says:

    I’d love to try all of the products but especially the no-nut butter! Both of my boys refuse to eat/try any veggies which totally stresses me out. But the both love peanut butter so I’d love to see them eat the no- nut butter also!!

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