Where are your shoes!!

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Dannon Danimals and granola bars make a great team!

Well…August sure came in like a tornado! We are new to this whole “send the kids to school” thing, as we homeschooled up until this year. So not only is this Mcgyver’s first year at a “real school”, it’s mine too! I mean, I expected it was going to be an adjustment for him, meeting new friends, homework every night, being away from us all day, and all that goes along with going to school. But I did not realize how much it was going to be an adjustment for ME! I have to actually set my alarm now! What?! Oh, and make sure uniforms are washed…and dry…lunch is packed, homework folders looked at AND signed, projects, reports, permission slips…like I said…August came in like a tornado!

Can someone please tell me how it is possible that a pair of shoes can mysteriously dissapear EVERY NIGHT? It’s always…wake up…no really…WAKE UP…eat…brush…shoes…WHERE ARE YOUR SHOES?!

But, after a few weeks, it seems that we are all set with the school-time schedule. It starts the night before…I know most of you already know this and are probably shaking your head at this newbie…but I have found that getting ready for school actually starts right before I go to sleep…when I click the little switch on my night stand clock. Alarm Set.

Once I am up, it’s go time! Wake up the kids, and start making breakfast. While they eat, make the lunches. When they are done eating, send them to brush the teeth, put on shoes…well…find the shoes first…then put on the shoes and we are out the door.

Dannon Danimals and waffles make a great team!

I always feel like a bit of a super mom when I fill them up with a good breakfast. A delicious breakfast is a great way to #FuelTheirAdventures! The trick is…breakfast has to be fast and convienent! Thankfully, Dannon® Danimals® can be paired with just about anything! I have found these are my three top, and quick, go-to breakfasts.

Eggs with roasted peppers and Dannon® Danimals®
Toaster Waffles topped fruit and Dannon® Danimals®
French Toast and Dannon® Danimals®

Dannon Danimals, scrambled eggs and veggies...great breakfast quick!

Dannon Danimas, waffles and fruit! Yes please!

Dannon Daniamls pair great with french toast!

If, for some reason…of which there are plenty…we don’t get in the kitchen in time for a complete breakfast. I know that at least I they can grab a Dannon® Danimals® and drink in the car, on-the-go!

Once they are fed, in the car and dropped off at school, I can finally exhale and maybe even get home and take a hot shower! Then I might even go grocery shopping!! Crazy, I know! But hey…that’s where I pick up Dannon Danimals!

Pick up Dannon Danimals at your local Walmart!

My favorite part about school growing up was playing sports! So of course I was super pumped that McGyver wanted to play soccer this year! And we all know what that best part about any sport is…the snacks! Want to be a snack-time hero? Follow these quick steps!

1) Grab a cooler…fill it with ice!
2) Add Dannon® Danimals®
3) Pair with some granola bars
4) Get high-fived!

Dannon Danimals

Dannon Danimals and granola bars...great snack for the hungry athlete!

Dannon® Danimals® and granola bars…different than the regular sugary drink and cartoon shaped gummies! Dannon® Danimals® provide “Only the Good Stuff®” with no high fructose corn syrup or artificial flavors or colors, as well as provides a good source of calcium and vitamin D. A perfect way to #FuelTheirAdventures! It’s a win with the parents and the kids…and me! Thet’re perfect to eat in the car on the way home, and of course on the sideline if the younger siblings just can’t wait!

Dannon Danimals

Speaking of Dannon® Danimals®…make sure you go here and check out the Play 60 contest! If you find the “Golden Bongo” bottle (located in specially marked packages) you can win a Play60 Field Day for your school with NFL pros!

What is your school morning routine like? How do you get the kids out the door, full and ready for school? Let Dannon® Danimals® help make your morning easier this school year, and be the cool mom with fun snacks!

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