Wicked is here!!


Wicked tells the story behind The Wizard of Oz’s Glinda the Good and Elphaba, the green girl that becomes the Wicked Witch of the West. Or was she wicked? In fact, Elphaba’s story offers a new twist on an old story. And I loved how the characters we’ve all known and loved from the Wizard of Oz were very cleverly woven into this musical.


Wicked certainly lives up to all the hype. The score was a great blend of powerful belt, slow ballads, and those top soprano notes that seem unattainable, but somehow, Glinda and Elphaba hit those big notes time and time again. And the acting was fabulous also. Many of the lines had the entire audience laughing out loud (thank Glinda for that). Glinda’s character delivered the right amount of sassiness, believability and hilarity that made you adore her. And you also couldn’t help but sympathize with the tragic Elphaba. The costumes and special effects were also nothing short of spectacular.

I would recommend Wicked to any fan of the Wizard of Oz, to anyone who enjoys the re-telling of classic stories and to anyone who just likes to be entertained… in short, everyone will LOVE this musical. This show is a MUST see!!


Wicked is only in Cincinnati until Oct 15th…so get your tickets now! Click here for tickets!

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