Handmade wooden toys and the next adventure!

My dad is extremely gifted in just about anything that involves building, constructing, wood working, carpentry, basically anything that he puts his mind to. He built the home I grew up in, the cabin we enjoyed for so many years, and when the grand kids started popping out he decided to only give them hand made wooden toys!

He started with pull along toys, a duck and a dog!

Then a triangle stacking game, a kaleidoscope and a whole pile of hand made wooden blocks! He made three sets!


Then came the truck, train, and puzzles!

wooden Collage

For little lady’s 1st Christmas, she got a hand made wooden shape sorting game.


I love that he even personalizes each one! So cute!


And that’s just for the kids! He has made us (myself and my siblings) Awesome wooden bowls, pens and colored pencils from wood or antler, and a bookshelf (you can see in the background of some of the pics)!

wooden bowls Collage


And this isn’t even a comprehensive list!

So now my dad is on to his next adventure! Building tree houses!! He decided to “retire” from his current business and start a new one, cause apparently that’s what you do when you retire. It’s called Living it UP Designs! (A little shout out to my hubby for coming up with the name, while we were watching Swiss Family Robinson none the less!) So if you want an awesome, one of a kind, custom tree house (or other structure), check him out at Living it UP Designs! 🙂


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