YUCK! Gross things kids do!

My three little kiddos, I sure love them. But, oh my, can they do some gross things! I mean…GROSS! I’ve had to say things, that in a million years I would’ve never imagined I would have to say. Like “Stop licking your brother!” “Don’t touch dog poop!” and “Don’t pick up that band-aide!” But my middle did something on vacation that takes the cake. Let me share…

A few weeks ago we went to Holiday World. I have to say that I love Holiday World! It was our first time and we had a blast. It’s a Christian owned amusement park and they have rules like, no spitting, no cursing and no bikini tops (unless you are in the water area). And, as far as amusement parks go, it’s pretty clean.


So it was lunch time, and we got a pizza and everyone was happily eating and taking a little rest. After everyone was finished and we were getting ready to get back to all the water slide fun, I look over and see my second oldest (not his actual name)


Now, no matter how clean a public amusement park is, it is still a PUBLIC AMUSEMENT PARK! What on earth!

“Stop licking hot garbage fluids off the ground!” Not something I ever…EVER…thought I would have to say!


Look at him…he’s just looking for some yummy garbage drippings to lick!! SO GROSS!

I just wish it was the first time I had to deal with one of my kids drinking out of a public garbage…sigh…it’s not! (you can read that little gem here)

Please tell me I am not alone in this! Have your kids ever done something to gross you out?


  1. erin says:

    Oh and Lucie innocently and happily drank mouthful after mouthful of water out of a water fountain last year. You know….the water fountains at parks that are really low to the ground. FOR DOGS!!!! A big, nasty, slobbery bull dog had just finished his water right before her. Nice. (I hate water fountains.)

  2. Courtney says:

    Oh, I was so laughing at your story until today. I literally washed Avery’s mouth out with soap. Not too surprising except she is not a foul mouthed teenager. She is one. And my precious one year old, within the span of five minutes, dug a rotten bell pepper out of the trash and proceeded to eat part of it. And as I was cleaning up that mess she crawls into the bathroom and starts dipping toilet paper in the toilet and sucking the water out of it. I am mortified and pretty disgusted by my own offspring. I promise we feed her and give her drinks. Bennett never did anything that disgusting.

    • Heather says:

      Oh Courtney!! Sucking water out of toilet paper!! Maybe she was just trying to wash down the bell pepper! 🙂 KIDS!!

  3. Rachel says:

    So my son once walked a little bit away from me at jockey’s ridge National Sand dunes in Nags Head and pulled down his pants and not only peed there but pooped as well!! (He was 3). My lovely daughter came up to me at a high school basketball game that we were watching and I was like did your dad get you gum? She says, “No I found it under our seats!” Gag! (She was 3 also!)

  4. Lyn says:

    Heather, we live in Evansville and have been to Holiday World many many times …. it is kept very clean….thank goodness!!! 🙂

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