5 Really Surprising Health Benefits from Smoking Cannabis


After having been in human use for several thousand years, cannabis is slowly starting to work its way back to being accepted and decriminalized by most of society. Although still very frowned upon by the majority, cannabis is actually really healthy for our bodies, in reality.

With more and more states and countries decriminalizing cannabis for personal use, scientists are finally starting to grasp the benefits the plant can have on a human body. And here are the top 5 really surprising health benefits.

May help with weight loss and diabetes

Cannabis has a lot of anti-inflammatory effects, especially on the digestive system, even though it is consumed by smoking.

Even for issues like Irritable Bowel Syndrome, or gastritis, cannabis is known to help ease the inflammation in your body, and act as a soother.

It also affects weight loss, because this plant has the ability to regulate insulin production, and the caloric effect on the body. In essence, what this means, is that when a cannabis user eats more after consuming the plant, their body will react to the food intake in a different manner as opposed to a person who has not consumed cannabis.

By reducing insulin production, cannabis effectively fights diabetes, and immensely helps people who suffer from the disease.

Cannabis is known to kill cancer cells

Not only is cannabis already used in treating chemotherapy side effects, but it has been found that cannabis, especially higher concentrations of CBD (or pure CBD isolate) may be even more efficient in destroying cancer cells, which may be game-changing for the medical world if further researched and tested.

For now, cannabis is only used with stage four cancer patients, to help ease the pain, and prepare the patients for an easier transition. However, if cannabinoids really can help with reduction of cancer cells, without influencing the white blood cells, that would completely change the medical field, since currently the only treatment for cancer is chemotherapy, which only does more harm to the body in the long run, attacking white blood cells, thus killing the body’s defense system.

Patients who have started using cannabis early in their cancer stages have shown improvement, and some are even in remission.

Can improve overall physical health

Cannabis has so many positive sides, that it poses the question why it is criminalized.

Especially since it is so easy to grow yourself, and you can even buy cannabis seeds and give it a go in your own backyard.

If it is so easy to come by, and healthy for you, how come it is deemed bad?

One of the reasons may be that people treat cannabis as a hard drug. However, by showing so many positives, we surely can argue against it.

Cannabis helps with all types of seizures, whether it be multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, Crohn’s disease, or Parkinson’s. It can regulate how often the seizures occur, and even ease the pain in the muscles, not letting them spasm so painfully.

Additionally, it helps with glaucoma, improves lung health, and can speed up the time your bones need to fully heal.

Moreover, it has shown positive effects on treating Alzheimer’s disease. It soothes headaches, and nausea.

Surprisingly, if you rub the plant on your skin problems, such as acne, eczema, or psoriasis, it may even improve your skin condition.

Known to improve mental health

Not only does cannabis soothe the symptoms of depression, it has also been found that the plant can help with ADHD treatments, as well as reducing anxiety.

Apparently, any mental health issue that is triggered by stress can be treated by this plant successfully. A study even showed that, even at low doses of CBD, OCD symptoms are completely gone.

Naturally, because cannabis is such a soothing plant, anything connected to stress can be treated, if not fully cured.

Additionally, even though it may never be possible to completely cure Autism, cannabis use has been shown as helpful. Cannabis, especially CBD, helps to regulate mood, which may be beneficial for individuals with autism spectrum disorder who suffer with social and cognitive issues. Some parents of autistic children are using CBD and THCA oil to assist their children cope with mood swings and other difficult symptoms.

Helps with brain traumas

Similarly to healing bones faster, marijuana smokers may benefit from the plant if they suffer a brain trauma. Having a stroke, a concussion, or any other brain trauma or slight injury, can really affect the brain in people who are non-smokers.

However, a recent study showed that, in mice, rats, and monkeys, CBD helps in faster brain cell recovery after a traumatic experience, and that cannabis can protect the brain from further injuries.

Having read all that, one may wonder why cannabis is so oppressed, if it indeed has so many benefits. The research on cannabis is still yet to deepen, but initial results sure are promising.

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