5 Reasons Why You Need A Family Doctor

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Have you ever had unexpected flu-like symptoms, an unpleasant rash, nagging back and neck discomfort, or other conditions requiring attention? Most people are often confused about what physician they should turn to once they encounter these symptoms. However, a family doctor can treat most, if not all, of these and other common health concerns. Although healthcare emergencies are a special case, many Americans seek emergency care for minor ailments. Dr. Kalpana Desai and her team specialize in preventive care and family medicine; thus, they serve as the basic source of health care. Here are five reasons why you need a family doctor.

1)  Family Doctors Deliver A More Definitive Diagnosis

Once a family member is ill, a family physician is responsible for identifying, treating, and advising, among other duties. Family physicians have expertise in numerous areas, including pediatrics, internal medicine, dermatology, obstetrics, general surgery, and more. Thus, your family doctor can effectively handle a wide range of health concerns.

2)  Family Physicians Can Recommend The Most Appropriate Specialist

A family doctor maintains your health profile even if you visit another doctor. Thus, your physician will track your health concerns more closely and inform you of any additional health complications.

The family physician understands not just your health history but also your personality. This information is incredibly helpful when searching for a specialist that treats complex ailments like lung or heart disease.

3)  A Family Physician Is Cost-Saving

Having a family physician will save you the cash you would have spent on yearly checkups. Your entire family is exempt from paying for hospital checks. You only pay for your primary care physician.

Your family doctor will frequently monitor the health of every family member. This close monitoring reduces the likelihood of being ill and, thus, the cost of healthcare. Besides cutting medical costs, you could save money on hospitalization if you have a family physician visiting your home.

4)  You Feel More At Ease With A Family Physician

A family physician is a practitioner who provides continuous health care, which ensures you build a solid relationship. Once you become comfortable with your physician, you will not feel ashamed to visit them regarding a delicate illness, like a male condition or gynecologic sickness. Moreover, with a family physician, you do not have to wait in line, as is the case when seeking healthcare assistance in a clinic or hospital.

5)  Having A Family Doctor Is More Convenient

Visiting a family physician is more convenient since they can diagnose a wide range of illnesses. For instance, you will not need to see a dentist for a tooth exam or a dermatologist for eczema therapy.

Moreover, when you are otherwise too exhausted to visit the hospital, you could request that your family physician visit you. This flexibility is not only extremely convenient but also helps you to dodge the toxic hospital atmosphere.

There are numerous advantages to consulting a family doctor for your and your family’s general health. Research indicates that having a physician who controls all aspects of your health results in improved patient satisfaction, reduced mortality rates, and enhanced general well-being. During your consultations at Integrated Family Medical Center, Dr. Desai takes time to understand your unique concerns and tailor therapy to provide desirable outcomes. Call the Lady Lake, FL, office or use the online booking tool to request an appointment today.

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