5 Reasons You Might Need Eyelid Surgery


Your eyes and the skin around them can tell secret tales that you would rather not speak of. What do you do when your eyelids tell tales of aging, fatigue, or genetic characteristics? What do you do even after trying to conceal these obvious effects with eye creams or other natural products? Worry not.

These telling tales on your eyelids can be rectified or hidden through Bensalem eyelid surgery. With modern medical technologies and solutions, eyelid surgery has become completely effective in improving vision and eliminating signs of aging. Let us look at various reasons you might need eyelid surgery.

Obstructed Vision

You are more likely to develop loose or saggy skin as you age, particularly on your upper eyelid. Due to this skin looseness, your eyelid may droop significantly and obstruct your vision. You cannot complete or do simple daily tasks such as cooking, driving, or walking down the stairs with proper vision.

These activities can be extremely dangerous if done with poor vision. If your eyelids are obstructing your vision, consider eyelid surgery. This procedure can help restore the full scope of your vision while still helping you maintain a youthful appearance.

Eye Bags

You have probably seen someone with under-eye bags or noticed some swelling or puffiness under your eyes. Under-eye bags can be a source of insecurity, especially when they make you look older than you are. Aging, genetics, or fluid retention can cause eye bags.

While certain treatments can minimize the appearance of your under-eye bags, they might not offer a long-lasting solution. In such cases, eyelid surgery can be your best option, especially if you want a lasting effect.

Eyelid Asymmetry

Eyelid asymmetry is a natural variation of your eyes that results in one of your eyelids looking completely different in size, shape, and position. This distinct variation can affect the overall balance of your eyes and face. While it may not cause a major health risk, it may affect clear vision in the affected eye.

Fortunately, you can correct this asymmetry and restore proper eye balance through eye surgery. The surgery may involve removing excess skin in the affected eye, repositioning fat deposits, and tightening the underlying muscles.

Dry Eye Syndrome

Drooping eyelids may be at an increased risk of chronic dry eye syndrome. The tears naturally present in your eyes are essential since they provide lubrication for your eyes and keep the top layer clear from dirt or other debris.

They also act as a guard against infections. If you live with droopy eyelids, eyelid surgery may be the answer. To determine if you are a good candidate for the procedure, consult your eye specialist as soon as possible.

Involuntary Eyelid Twitching

Blepharospasm, or eyelid twitching, is a disorder you should not ignore. If not addressed in time, your ability to open your eyelids could lead to permanent blindness. Botox injections are commonly used to treat this condition.

However, when they prove ineffective, eyelid surgery may be necessary. Unlike Botox injections that only reduce symptoms, eyelid surgery helps determine and treat the underlying cause of your spasms. During surgery, your doctor removes specific muscles or nerves triggering your spasms, thus providing long-term relief.

The eyelids are one of your eyes’ most prominent and often-used parts. Consequently, slight deficiencies or functional difficulty in this area could affect your appearance and eye motions. Fortunately, there is a potential solution in eyelid surgery. Besides improving your eye function, eyelid surgery can give you a more energized, youthful appearance.

Before the operation, look for an experienced ophthalmologist to ensure the best possible outcomes. An experienced eye doctor can also enhance the safety of your eyelid surgery or recommend other less invasive alternatives that can restore your eye function and aesthetics.

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