6 Aftercare Tips After a Breast Implant Procedure


Breast implant surgery is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures that can help increase the size of your breasts. They are placed under your breast tissue or chest muscles. You can opt for East Windsor breast implants surgeries if you wish to enhance your appearance, correct uneven breasts or improve your self-confidence. Like any surgery, there are risks and complications involved after breast implant surgery. To avoid this, follow up with your doctor’s instructions on various aftercare tips that might accelerate your recovery. Let us look at various recovery tips you can practice at home after a breast implant surgery.

  1. Limit Your Activity

After a breast implant surgery, limit your activity from your normal daily routine. Avoid strenuous exercises and only do what you are comfortable doing. Also, take your time to heal before starting any new activities or exercises. Our doctor might also advise against lifting more than 4.5 kilograms of heavy objects. Heavy lifting and strenuous exercises or activities can strain your arm muscles and cause pain or injury due to repetitive stress.

  1. Apply Ice Packs

Ice packs can help reduce swelling and pain. Your doctor might recommend applying an ice pack for 20 minutes to your breast area. However, you should avoid applying the ice directly to your skin as it can cause frostbite. Frostbite occurs when ice crystals form on your skin cells, reducing blood and oxygen flow to your underlying tissues. To avoid this, use a bag of frozen vegetables as an alternative.

  1. Sleep on Your Back

For the first few nights after your breast implant surgery, sleep on your back to allow proper blood flow to your breast tissues. Avoid sleeping on your side or stomach since these positions can increase discomfort and swelling. Instead, sleep on a flat surface away from any pillows, blankets, or cushions you might use as your support system. 

Once you can rest comfortably in bed without pain, you might safely lie in your preferred position. However, if other complications develop during this time, visit your doctor immediately for a check-up.

  1. Wear a Compression Bra

Wearing a compression bra is one of the best ways to reduce swelling after surgery. You should wear an elasticized compression garment for at least two weeks after surgery. It Is best if your doctor can tell you what bra size works best for you. If not, there are plenty of options available from pharmacies or online retailers like Amazon. 

Remember that the compression garment should fit snugly enough to stay on when bending over or sitting straight. If this happens, it could lead to pain in your upper extremities, such as underarms and chest.  

  1. Take Your Pain Medication

After a breast implant surgery, your doctor might recommend pain medication. These drugs can help relieve discomfort and swelling and improve your recovery process. Ensure to take your pain-relieving medications as prescribed by your doctor to avoid further complications. It would help if you also discussed with your doctor about potential side effects that you might experience from taking your medication.

Recovering from a breast implant surgery might take several weeks or months. However, you can expect gradual improvements that might help you return to most activities within this period. Also, following instructions from our surgeon can help accelerate recovery and prevent infections and other serious health complications.

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