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Your eye health is an integral part of your overall well-being. However, maintaining healthy eyes requires more than simply refraining from scratching them when they become itchy. You should always arrange for regular eye exams with your eye specialist. During your consultation with Dr. Melanie Frogozo, she will provide you with a professional diagnosis and treatment for any of your eye concerns. Meanwhile, here are some tips that Dr. Frogozo insists you should take to protect your eye health.

  1. Utilizing Protective Eyewear

Every year, numerous people suffer from eye traumas. Wearing protective eyewear while participating in sports or completing home improvement chores improves eye health. If a patient requires protective eyewear, prescription goggles are accessible. Eye protection could shield your eyes from toxic splashes, splinters, dust, and debris, allowing one to go about everyday activities while preserving their eye health.

  1. Consuming Eye-Nourishing Foods

Sustaining excellent eye health is attainable through the consumption of nutritious foods. Selecting foods high in omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants benefits one’s eyes. These nutrients reduce the likelihood of a person acquiring macular degeneration or cataracts.

Other foods that are good for the eyes include fatty salmon, eggs, citrus fruits, and green leafy vegetables. Consuming these foods also reduces the risk of acquiring chronic conditions that can result in visual loss.

  1. Having Routine Eye Examinations

Routine eye examinations consist of regular eye screenings. These tests could indicate if the individual requires the services of a highly-qualified eye physician, which paves the way for appropriate therapy. Vision screenings will require the full family and medical history of the patient. Your optometrist will then conduct dilated eye exams, refraction tests, and vision tests.

  1. Developing A Routine Of Wearing Sunglasses

Sunglasses with UV protection could safeguard the eyes from harmful ultraviolet rays. These sunglasses could help avoid eye disorders. Fashionable sunglasses with UV protection could improve an individual’s vision under bright sunlight. Selecting sunglasses with 90 to 100% UV protection is optimal for eye health.

  1. Taking Regular Screen Breaks

Long hours of using a phone, computer, or other mobile devices can cause eye strain and dryness. Such individuals are also likely to suffer headaches, neck pain, and sore shoulders.

Resting your eyes every 20 minutes could revitalize a patient’s vision. Similarly, ensuring that your eyes are properly aligned with your PC will avoid eyestrain. You should also maintain proper hydration and frequently blink to avoid dry eyes and improve eye health. Moreover, updating contact lenses and eyeglasses can enhance vision.

  1. Eliminating Old Makeup

Bacteria flourish in liquid cosmetics. The replacement of cosmetics every three months could avoid eye infections. Additionally, maintaining cosmetics limited to one individual could help avoid the spread of bacteria. Washing your face before and after applying makeup might also prevent eye infections. Having appealing makeup while preserving your eye health is practicable. 

Excellent eye health is key to optimal overall health, as you will need your eyes to perform virtually all everyday activities. Therefore, caring for your eyesight is essential. While self-care can help avoid most eye concerns, sometimes, seeing an optometrist is necessary. At Alamo Eye Care, Dr. Frogozo comprehensively understands various eye issues and can offer a professional diagnosis and treatment. If you have any troubling eye problems, be it a hazy vision, dry eyes, cataracts, and more, arrange an appointment through mobile or book online today.

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