6 Little-Known Facts Concerning the Cosmetic Dentistry

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Healthy and bright-looking teeth are a source of happiness for individuals of all ages. Notably, with dazzling teeth, you will have a glowing smile and high self-esteem. In addition, healthy teeth mean you will have less chance of other health complications such as heart disease. However, several factors, such as infections and injuries, can impair your dental health, causing tooth damage or gum complications. If you encounter those dental concerns, you should not worry anymore since cosmetic & family dentistry Novi, MI has a remedy that best suits you. Let us understand the following little-known facts about cosmetic dentistry.

Cosmetic Dentistry Has Long Been There in History      

Recently, there have been different cosmetic procedures to correct dental problems. This instance has made people believe that cosmetic dentistry is a recent thing which is not the case. Throughout history, individuals have had concerns with the smile which triggered the discovery of cosmetic dentistry in 700 BC. Interestingly, it is the Etruscan tribe that discovered the first collection of denture from animal and human teeth.

It Can Help to Alleviate Teeth Sensitivity

Have you ever experienced discomfort in your teeth when eating cold or hot meals? Teeth hypersensitivity is one of the worst experiences that you can ever have. Essentially, it occurs when your teeth are broken, exposing the enamel to food and drinks. Fortunately, through cosmetic dentistry, specialists can fix the veneers in your teeth to cover the exposed enamel, thus reducing teeth sensitivity.

Cosmetic Dentistry Can Help Restore Your Teeth

Some people believe that cosmetic dentistry only improves the individual’s smile, but this is not the case. Certain procedures, such as crowning and dental bonding, help repair your broken teeth and enhance your smile. Therefore, you should seek cosmetic procedures from skilled professionals who will help you achieve both restorative and cosmetic dentistry.

Teeth Whitening Is a Cosmetic Procedure in High Demand

The increased consumption of certain drinks, such as coffee and red wine, has recently caused teeth discoloration in many people. Unfortunately, home oral hygiene procedures cannot fully remove the stains. Consequently, individuals opt for dental cleaning cosmetic procedures to remove those debilitating stains, thus reclaiming a shiny smile.

Cosmetic Dentistry Offers Personalized Solutions

Everyone has a unique tooth shape and arrangement, which means an exclusive smile. Therefore, whatever cosmetic procedure is right for you may not yield the same results for other individuals. The cosmetic specialist closely examines the unique features of the patient’s teeth and offers a customized treatment plan.

It Helps to Boost Your Oral Health

Healthy teeth and gums are good indicators that you have good oral health. You may think chipped and broken teeth are a cosmetic concern only, but you are mistaken. These complications can undermine your oral health and the functioning of the teeth. Luckily, cosmetic procedures such as porcelain bridges can help improve your teeth’ functioning, thus maintaining your oral health.

Are you unhappy about your smile? Cosmetic dentistry provides an array of procedures to improve your smile and boost your oral health. Visit Novi Family Dentistry, where Dr. Faraj and an experienced team of professionals offer different treatment plans to patients of all ages with cosmetic concerns and other dental complications. Click an online booking tool or call their office today for more inquiries.

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