Can a Fertility Massage Improve Your Chances of Becoming Pregnant?


A fertility massage is a calming, relaxing, very effective, and non-invasive method conducted on the lower back and abdomen of women who are trying to conceive.  Working softly over your abdomen can help with various ailments by promoting hormonal balance, but most importantly, overall body balance. This massage may be used anytime, not just to prepare the body for pregnancy, but also to allow you to connect with your inner woman, which connects your womb and heart.

According to experts, a woman’s uterus serves as her center. A woman could be out of balance if her uterus is. In addition to supporting any gynecological concerns you may have, such as PMS, irregular periods, painful periods, blood clots, amenorrhea—the absence of a period—lower back pain, adhesions, endometriosis, painful intercourse, adenomyosis, ovarian cyst, and IBS—this gentle but deeply effective therapy also helps to improve natural conception success.

Why Choose Fertility Massage Over Regular Massage?

Every woman wanting to improve her fertility and trying to conceive should have this treatment at least once in her lifetime. In contrast to other massage therapies, this one concentrates on the belly. Plenty of our emotions, including fear, wrath, and resentment, are in the abdomen region. When we feel these emotions, the muscle fibers around those organs or areas tense and obstruct the free blood flow.

The abdominal cavity’s internal organs are the main focus of a fertility massage, which also adjusts the pelvis and assists in promoting circulation in the sacral and pelvic regions. Additionally, it improves the function of the stomach and digestive system, strengthening the immune system. Frequent fertility massage can be very helpful to those who will undergo IVF treatment.

During the initial session, the fertility massage expert will guide you through how they can increase your chances of conception when you are trying to get pregnant, prepping the body for conception, or undergoing IVF.

What are the Benefits of Womb Massage?

Hormonal Balance – The massage balances hormone levels, releases oxytocin, and controls menstruation by gently massaging the abdomen.

It helps to enhance blood flow to your uterus, which assists in oxygenating the blood and promotes egg production to support reproductive health and fertility. This helps to prepare the body for conception.

Prepares the body for conception – By removing any blockage in the womb, it aids in reducing PMS symptoms, which can result in painless periods and a more regular process. To help blood circulation to the uterus, for instance, fertility massage practitioners spend plenty of time moving the energy or blood that has become stagnant. In cases of endometriosis, when the blood doesn’t circulate well, the massage helps improve its circulation.

Regulates the menstrual cycle – Fertility massage, which gently and non-invasively realigns the muscles and ligaments to an ideal, healthy posture, helps lessen painful periods by releasing endorphins.

Reduce scar tissue – Fertility massage aids in releasing adhesions and scar tissue left over following abdominal, pelvic, and Cesarean sections. The ablation of adhesions is a highly successful non-invasive procedure for endometriosis and blocked fallopian tubes.

Move stagnation in the abdomen – Move any stagnation in the belly with this lovely, calming massage, which also promotes blood flow to the nearby organs of the abdominal cavity, including the spleen, liver, gut, uterus, intestines, and ovaries. According to Chinese medicine, every organ must work harmoniously to support each other. When an organ is out of balance, it affects other organs by either overburdening or emptying another organ.

Reduce stress level – Reduce your stress level since high levels of stress might disturb the equilibrium of your hormones. You can relax thanks to massage since it produces oxytocin and induces calm. Additionally, massage will promote internal harmony by relieving stress in your stomach and digestive system.

Is Fertility Massage Recommended Postpartum?

Every woman should have a fertility massage postpartum as it is a very effective therapy that will assist the womb and ligaments to realign to their proper positions.

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