Can a UV Mask reduce your exposure to air pollution?


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UV Mask is not an FDA-approved mask, so it can’t be used for medical or healthcare purposes. It can be used by a non-medical consumer for protection against air pollution only. You can also not these masks in this COVID-19 situation because they do not claim to be anti-viral or anti-bacterial masks.

UV Mask is very comfortable to use and provides a cool look. It is designed to filter even the smallest particles of dust, it can filter particles smaller than 0.3microns and gives you pure air to breathe. These masks can run for more than 8 hours and you can change their filters in weak and use them. They are not costly and easily available.

Where normal masks provide passive protection, the UV Mask filters using 2-step purification. It is the world’s first face protection to provide total active UV-C protection. The UV Mask uses a nano-coating optical filter to filter out any potential ozone generating wavelengths. the UV-C LEDs in  UV Mask is sealed with Sterile-Vortex, which forms no UV-C leakage during the filtration process and it will not form any damage on your skin.

Many disposal masks try to filter air through the fabrics but because of their poor fitting and material, the air you inhale is not filtered. But UV Masks are skin-friendly and are made of silicone, so they provide a

airtight seal around your nose and mouth.

For breathing, if you use a regular mask it makes it hard for you to inhale through the dense fabrics, which causes to form moisture and heat and makes the mask unbreathable.

UV Masks have an in-built fan that forces clean air into the mask with every breathes and the circulation of constant airflow doesn’t allow heat build-up even in the hottest climate. This mask also contains 2 high-quality Li-Polymer batteries of 1,800 mAh and it can run for more than 8 hours on a single charge. You can charge it with your portable charger, with your PC, or anything, and can also wear it while charging, it will not harm your skin in any way. It gives you a fast-charging enabled USB-C port, that can help you to charge your mask fully in 90 mins.

UVMask’s hardcover shell is completely resistant to drops and scratches, protecting the filter, Sterile-Vortex, and UV-C LEDs within. The mask comes with IP54 certification which means the mask is water, dust, and moisture-proof.

 Many people mostly the medical workers who wear glasses have a similar problem with foggy glasses when they wear surgical or any other masks but the UV Mask’s unique sideway air-intakes does not allow your glasses to become foggy.

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