iFit with Kim Waits

How is everyone doing with the whole New Year,New You business? It’s Feb so I am guessing most of you…including myself…had the best intentions but somehow old habits have already crept back into everyday life. *Sigh*

Thankfully, I found Kim Waits and iFit!

iFit stands for “Intentionally Fit” and Kim designs her 6-week program to be a lifelong transformation. Her program is all about the Macros. Macro nutrients that is! Proteins, carbs and fats. She will teach you one healthy nutrition tip at a time, day by day, and will guide you to success. It’s focused around the physical and mental transformation. Exchanging bad habits for good ones to add to your quality of life by getting your mind and body working together to work for you.

At the beginning of the program, you will fill out a confidential health questionnaire and that will give Kim and her team a starting point for your individualized macro numbers. After you get your numbers, if you feel you need to make adjustments, Kim is just a message away and can tweak your numbers to fit you perfectly.

At first the program is a bit overwhelming, but Kim and her team are very passionate about what they do and will help you with each question and each step along the way. Not only is iFit about nutrition coaching, but you are also part of a community of like-minded people who support each other through the entire journey.

Every day Kim or someone on her team will post helpful information about nutrition, exercise, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It’s like taking an interactive health class! Even when the 6 weeks you signed up for are over, you have so much information to help you stay on the right track!

The main platform for joining an iFit group is Facebook. If you aren’t on Facebook, Kim can still customize a plan for you, but you’ll be missing out on the support you will get being in the Facebook.

If you have tried other diets, workout plans, fads and failed…please give this program a chance! It just might change your life!

The next group starts on March 25th and registration is open! Take the first step to a healthier you and send her a message!