Common Shoulder Injuries You Should Know About


The shoulder is a weight-bearing joint, which means it is responsible for supporting the weight of your arm. Because of this, the shoulder is susceptible to some different injuries. The collarbone, scapula, and humerus are the three bones that make up the shoulder.  The rotator cuff is a set of muscles, ligaments, and tendons that hold the three bones together. The rotator cuff allows you to raise and extend your arm to the side. There are different causes of Cumming shoulder injuries, such as:

  • Overuse: Repeating the same motion over and over again can put a strain on the muscles, ligaments, and tendons in your shoulder, and cause microscopic tears in the tissue.
  • Trauma: A fall or direct blow to the shoulder can cause the bones to break or dislocate.
  • Degenerative conditions: conditions such as osteoarthritis and rotator cuff tears can cause the tissues in your shoulder to break down over time.

Some common shoulder injuries include:

Dislocated shoulder

This happens when the head of the humerus pops out of its socket. This can be caused by a fall or a direct blow to the shoulder. When this happens, you will feel a sudden, sharp pain. Your arm may also look out of place. It would help if you saw a doctor immediately so your shoulder can be put back into place.

Frozen shoulder

It is also known as adhesive capsulitis, a disorder in which the tissues surrounding the shoulder joint stiffen and swell. This might make moving your arm quite tricky. Frozen shoulder is most common in adults between 40 and 60. Women are more likely to get frozen shoulders compared to men.

Rotator cuff tear

It is mainly made from muscles and tendons that support the shoulder joint. When one of these tendons or muscles tears, it is called a rotator cuff injury. This can occur due to overuse, damage, or degenerative disorders. Mild to severe rotator cuff injuries are possible.

Shoulder impingement

Shoulder impingement is a condition that occurs when the tendons in your rotator cuff become irritated or inflamed. This can happen due to overuse, improper form when lifting, or bone spurs. Shoulder impingement can cause pain and weakness in your shoulder. You may also have difficulty moving your arm.


It is a joint-related degenerative disease; the cartilage in the joints degrades over time, producing pain and stiffness. Any joint in the body, including the shoulder, can develop osteoarthritis. People over the age of 50 are more likely to develop shoulder osteoarthritis.

When you experience some of the mentioned injuries, your doctor can recommend some treatment options likes:

Rest: You need to avoid any activity that causes pain. This will give your shoulder time to heal.

Ice: Apply ice to your shoulder for 20 minutes to reduce inflammation and pain.

Physical therapy: A physical therapist can teach you exercises to strengthen the muscles around your shoulder.

Shoulder injuries can be painful and debilitating. It is important to see Stephen Fisher, M.D if you think you may have injured your shoulder. With proper treatment, most shoulder injuries will heal.

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