Creating a Specimen Courier Job Description


If you’re interested in pursuing a career as a specimen courier, you may have some questions. Here are some answers to common questions: Job description, Responsibilities, Qualifications, Customer service, and More. Then, let’s move on to some examples. For example, consider what you will need to transport samples successfully. Then, write down the tasks and responsibilities you will perform as a specimen courier.

Job description

If you are interested in a job as a specimen courier, you will need to have a well-written job description. The most important part of a job description is the description itself, so ensure you include details on what you are responsible for. Including your experience, training, and skills is essential to securing a great position. Below are some tips for writing an adequate courier job description. Below are some valuable tips for creating a job description for specimen couriers.

As a specimen courier, you will be responsible for transporting medical specimens, supplies, reports, and equipment. In addition to handling potentially infectious samples, you will need to drive in all types of weather and drive for long periods. You will also be required to bend occasionally to perform minor maintenance on your vehicle. You will also be exposed to body fluids and blood during your job, so you should have Hepatitis-B vaccination and a clean driving record.


A Medical Delivery Service (MDL) specimen courier has many responsibilities. In addition to delivering the laboratory reports to clients, these couriers pick up and deliver supplies. In addition, they perform routine vehicle maintenance, clean transport devices, and participate in quality assurance programs. In addition, specimen couriers must maintain client confidentiality and practice client sensitivity at all times. Some jobs also require the courier to perform special duties, such as delivering special mattresses and other equipment.

Lab couriers must prepare and pack Styros for the samples to prevent rerouting specimens. In addition, they must pack them appropriately to maintain the appropriate temperature. They must also fill out Specimen Control Documents, such as those required by the laboratory, and initial them if necessary. They must also check for on-call clients who are not included in a regular route. These couriers should fill out the control document with a list of each client.


A specimen courier is responsible for safely transporting biological specimens from one location to another. This job requires you to have excellent communication skills and customer service skills. You must also have transportation experience, including properly handling temperature and light-sensitive specimens. Your training should include knowledge of specimen identification, documentation, and tracking methods. You must also understand the safety precautions associated with dry ice and biohazardous spills. Several other qualifications for specimen couriers are crucial for your job.

Medical couriers must be highly reliable and professional and have exceptional routing and directional skills. They must be passionate about delivering critical medical items on time. They must also have outstanding record-keeping skills, work under tight deadlines, and understand how to read healthcare facilities’ instructions. They must ensure that items are secure in the delivery vehicle and appropriately documented. They must also verify that the recipient has the appropriate identification. Finally, they must follow strict HIPPA regulations and adhere to HIPPA guidelines.

Customer service

One of the essential parts of any laboratory is its customer service for specimen couriers. After all, the couriers represent the laboratory’s image and depend on minimal supervision, so it’s essential to have an outstanding customer service record for the lab’s specimen courier service. However, couriers need to have more than just a positive attitude. Their attitude and initiative should reflect the organization’s values. They must also be able to handle multiple projects simultaneously, demonstrating excellent organizational commitment.

As the most visible representative of the lab, the medical specimen courier must be professional and reliable. A courier should also arrive at the location on time and process the specimens promptly. With a streamlined lab courier management system, a lab can streamline its routes and provide exceptional service. For example, a lab can automate the process of specimen transport and collection using a laboratory information system, allowing personnel to view real-time data and make changes.

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