Expert Tips That Will Help You Boost Your Fertility


Infertility is one of the most frustrating experiences you can encounter under the sun. When the couple cannot get pregnant as intended, it is more likely that the relationship will turn into chaos. Society will also turn from the infertile couple, leaving the victims to the stigma. Therefore, almost every young couple will want to seek answers on what they can do to boost their fertility. Additionally, they will want to know at which point they should consider the treatment from a New York, NY fertility specialist. Let us understand the following ways that can help you boost your fertility.

Maintain the Healthy Weight

Women who are overweight are at a greater risk of developing complications while conceiving. Excessive weight limits the body’s capacity to store sex hormones, increasing the likelihood of infertility. Being underweight also lowers the production of estrogen, thus causing irregularities in menstrual cycles. Eat a healthy diet to keep your body mass index between twenty and twenty-four, which is ideal for pregnancy.

Avoid Alcohol Consumption

You may not know how much you harm your reproductive health when you drink until you encounter a problem when trying to conceive. Notably, excessive alcohol consumption increases estrogens causing the hormonal imbalance in the body, intensifying the chances of infertility due to irregular ovulation. Additionally, the alcoholic compound can harm the fetus, which may trigger permanent damage to the unborn.

Therefore, you should take the necessary initiatives to reduce alcohol consumption or better quit this habit altogether.

Manage Your Stress

Many people do not understand the link between mental health and reproductive wellness. Notably, when stressed, your body produces stress hormones like cortisol, disrupting the signals between the ovaries and the brain. Consequently, you will experience difficulties when trying to conceive due to irregular menstrual cycles. Fortunately, embracing the stress management practices such as cognitive therapy and meditation can help ease the stress symptoms, thus maintaining your reproductive health. 

Stay Hydrated

Water benefits your reproductive health when you learn to stick to a healthy hydration plan. When you are hydrated, you boost the cervical mucus viscosity, which eases the penetration of sperm to the cervix. In addition, drinking plenty of water helps improve the egg’s health, increasing its viability during fertilization. Keep a bottle of water close to you and sip throughout the day to achieve optimal hydration for your body.

Get Moving

Physical activities are practical matters when it comes to boosting your fertility. The exercises help to improve blood circulation, thus lowering the risk of ovulation complications. However, engaging in extreme activities can alter your body’s energy balance, thus impairing your reproductive wellness. Develop the exercise plan incorporating moderate activities such as walking. If you wish to increase the intensity of your activities, do it gradually, and inform your healthcare provider.

Every young couple’s dream is to extend their family at some point. However, due to infertility concerns, this dream does not always pass among many partners. That is why the fertility specialist provides the above tips to help any young couple boost their fertility. However, you should consider the relevant fertility treatment options if you cannot get pregnant despite your efforts to boost your fertility.

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