Here’s Why You Should Consider Dental Implants


Smiles pave the way into people’s hearts and thaw even the toughest of souls. If you desire a pristine smile but are missing a few teeth, then Waterford dental implants may be your best bet to regain a healthy smile. There are multiple teeth replacement options, from dentures to implants. However, implants are so popular with dentists and patients for key reasons. Here are the top five reasons why dental implants are so popular.

  1. Prevent Jawbone Erosion

Did you know when you lose a tooth, bone loss follows? Teeth provide continuous jawbone stimulation to keep the jawbone in shape. When you lose a tooth, the jawbone weakens, and you will have the lesser biting force and a sunken facial appearance over time. Dental implants act as natural teeth since they embed into your jaw and provide the missing stimulation to the jawbone preventing jaw bone resorption.

Implants made of a titanium anchor have immense strength and are the best at preventing bone loss. Improved jaw bone health and a healthy smile sound like a 2-in-1 package you wouldn’t want to miss, or would you?

  1. Natural Looking

The major cause of concern among many individuals seeking teeth replacement options is teeth prosthetics standing out from the rest of the natural teeth. Dental implants have an enamel-like appearance that the dentist or orthodontist can tailor to match your exact teeth’ color and shape.

The only people who will know you have implants are you and your dentist. The natural-looking implants also feel natural in the mouth. After getting dental implants, individuals smile more, and life suddenly improves.

  1. Dental Implants are Convenient

Worried about purchasing a special cleaning solution for prosthetics or teeth shifting around in your mouth? Do not fret. Dental implants are the most convenient tooth replacement option since they operate on a set-it-and-forget-it basis.

Once the dentists affix the implants, you can brush them with toothpaste, floss them, and eat your usual foods like natural teeth. Dental implants care about you as much as you care about them. The least you can ask of a tooth replacement choice is not to forgo your hard foods or have diet restrictions. Dental implants don’t need specialized care for your teeth, and you can eat whatever your health permits.

  1. Durability

Another additional merit of dental implants is their unmatched durability. Dental implants can last you about 15 years with regular oral hygiene practices. The material that makes the implants cannot decay, so you can say goodbye to teeth cavities. However, you still need to take great care of your remaining natural teeth.

  1. Better Comfort

Dentures sometimes shift in the mouth affecting your tongue position and causing slurred speech and difficulty chewing. However, with implants, you will not have chewing problems, enabling you to pronounce all the words correctly.

Now that you know why implants are a sought-after teeth replacement choice, you can make a wise decision. Head into Dr. Taylor’s Family Dental Center and set up your no-strings-attached dental implant consultation. We strongly advocate for high-quality implants for healthy and beautiful smiles to brighten your day.

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