How can an urologist help with men’s sexual health?

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A urologist is a trained professional who has expertise in not only treating kidney and urinary bladder-related issues but also men’s sexual health. If you are facing any sexual health-related issues such as erectile dysfunction, premature or late ejaculations, low sexual desire, pain during intercourse and other related issues, you can freely consult a urologist. They will perform a few tests, learn about your present and past medical conditions and determine the reasons behind your impacted sexual health issue. If you are wondering how a Lazare Urology urologist can be helpful with your sexual health, then reading ahead will inform you about the same:

Understanding the medical history 

A urologist understands your private organ and other organs related to it. In other words, they will be able to thoroughly understand your medical history and determine if any condition has led to infertility or improper sexual life.

Examining the organs

Urologists have experience in performing examinations on private organs to identify infections and other urology-related diseases. And thus, they can help you diagnose the root cause behind your reduced sexual health. They will perform an ideal test that will help in properly examining your private organs.

Penile Doppler ultrasound

A Penile Doppler ultrasound is performed by a urologist to diagnose conditions like erectile dysfunction. A medicine will be injected into your penis, which will cause an erection for deep examination. It checks the veins and arteries in your penis and identifies if the blood flow is adequate.

Analyzing blood and urine test

Any underlying problem related to your sexual health can be determined using a urine test or blood test. The expertise of a urologist helps them analyze the report thoroughly and suggest treatment. Thus, you can consult them for your sexual health-related problems.

We understand that addressing private concerns to a doctor can be a little challenging; however, ignoring such conditions can elevate the problems. Nevertheless, for a comfortable experience, you can choose a urologist with a reputation and good patient review. You can try talking with your close ones to get recommendations or read online reviews to understand whether their patients had a comfortable experience throughout the treatments. To summarize, a good doctor can ease a patient’s anxiety and make even the most complex procedures easy to undergo. Thus, choose your urologist wisely.

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