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How Can Fertility Massage Increase Your Chances of Conception?

by David Curry

According to studies, one out of every six couples had difficulty becoming pregnant. Several couples’ options are sometimes limited by the time and cost commitment of reproductive technology, moreover, the intrusive treatments that most women want to avoid. Fertility massage is a non-invasive, natural fertility enhancement method that costs a fraction of what traditional medication does.

Fertility massage is a traditional alternative therapy practice for increasing pregnancy chances. While most women might not need massage treatment, specific instances might benefit from any assistance available. Fertility massage treatment has the potential to indirectly enhance the reproductive function and nervous system.

What’s A Fertility Massage, Exactly?

Fertility massages differ depending on the therapist, but most involve a massage to the belly to give localized health benefits. Acupressure uses pressure points to activate distinct meridians within your body and enhance balance. Likewise, reflexology is used to enhance health by stimulating pressure points on the feet, ears, and hands.

How Can Fertility Massages Improve The Odds Of Pregnancy?

Massages try to use the power of pressure and touch to naturally reduce pain and help the body heal. Massage for fertility, particularly, has been shown to increase lymph function, blood circulation, sleep, digestion, and mood.

Natural Fertility Treatments

Fertility massages, together with different alternative therapies, may increase your chances of becoming pregnant. A diet high in antioxidants and fiber and low in processed carbohydrates and trans fats is a good place to start. Regular exercise and keeping a healthy weight are other important factors in maintaining a healthy reproductive system.

Who Is Eligible for Fertility Massage?

Everyone who wishes to have a child can benefit from a fertility massage. Fertility Massage may help boost your odds of a successful pregnancy and safe pregnancy whether you’ve been having problems conceiving, had previous challenges, or even if you’re healthy and expecting your first or second baby.

Even if you’re undergoing ART, like IUI or IVF, you may benefit from Fertility Massage to complement and work with your therapies for the best outcomes.

Low estrogen levels, Endometriosis, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), and other medical issues might make conception hard, but the procedures utilized in this particular style of massage might assist.

What Can I Anticipate from a Fertility Massage Session?

In one session of Fertility Massage, the first thing we do is discuss. Before beginning any massage, we would discuss for as long as it takes for you to explain your worries, expectations, and what you have been through so far – whatever you feel the need or want to share. The health of your emotions and mind is equally as essential as your physical state, yet so many medical practitioners who are intent on treating your “body” frequently ignore this emotional side. We would also discuss lifestyle, food, and other topics that might help you get ready for pregnancy.

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