How Can You Remove Unwanted Tattoos without Surgery?


In the past, tattoos used to be permanent. Nevertheless, developments in tattoo removal treatments paved the way for us to be able to erase unwanted ink from our skin completely. Before the introduction of laser tattoo removal, treatments utilized in removed tattoos are trichloroacetic acid (TCS), dermabrasion, excision, and cryosurgery. All these treatments had adverse side effects which are not preferable.

Now, many get tattoos for various reasons. Some have tattoos to symbolize someone or something they feel strong likeness for, others want to get a kick out of the tattoos’ cosmetic benefits, and some even get tattoos because they’re dared by others or themselves to do it.

No matter the reason for acquiring a tattoo, eventually, some find themselves regretting getting it all together. Using the Pico Laser’s progressive laser technology, erasing your undesired tattoos is made easier more than ever. If the tattoo reminds you of a certain person that you’d wish to forget or you are ready to forget your past, the technology of Pico Laser tattoo removal could help you erase stubborn green and blue inks, even dark lines, and recalcitrant tattoos. Pico Laser treatment is effective and fast and owns a record of 100% clearance after just three sessions.

How Does Pico Laser Work?

The Pico Laser’s main feature is that it’s the first medical application laser which creates pulses in just picoseconds. A picosecond is one million times quicker compared to a second.

This extremely short pulse creates two effects:

Sudden temperature increase in the pigments of tattoos. The Pico Laser pulse fixed at 500 to 750 picoseconds creates a very concentrated energy transmission in a billionth of a second. In turn, the temperature rises quite sharply and the pigments burst into smaller particles, which are metabolized by your body much easier.

Smaller ink particles’ effectiveness. This particle type includes a quicker thermal relaxation period so that its elimination wasn’t acceptable with traditional Q-Switched-type lasers.

A new rapid energy burst lasting only a trillionth of one second addresses tattoo color pigment and leaves the tissue surrounding it unaffected. This extremely short pulse results in a shift of pressure.

The ink is broken down into small particles by the rapid shift in pressure, which the lymphatic system could naturally remove. As the number of people who have tattoos has grown, so has the demand for better tattoo removal treatments. Tattoo removal procedures have progressed from potentially toxic treatments with painful and usually permanent complications to less damaging yet effective methods. Until the development of Pico Laser tattoo removal, a lot of us had to rely on dermabrasion, surgical excision, and acid treatments to get rid of their tattoos.

What To Expect When Removing Tattoos With Pico Laser

The Pico Laser treatment is a big leap forward in laser technology. Tattoos are eliminated faster and more thoroughly using picosecond technology; nevertheless, the number of procedures required to remove the tattoo is dependent on a variety of factors, including the color and size of your tattoo. It is recommended that you wait 4-6 weeks between sessions so that the color may be naturally removed from the body.

The Pico Laser tattoo removal method is painless, according to the majority of patients. The tattoo removal procedure has been characterized as feeling comparable to receiving a tattoo or snapping a rubber band on the skin. Topical anesthetic ointments are occasionally used to numb the region right before the tattoo removal operation for people who have a minimal pain threshold. The good news is that Pico Laser treatment procedures are short, taking only eight to twelve minutes for a tattoo of average size.

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