How to Make the Most Vapor from your Dry Herb Vaporizer


If you are like other vapers, you probably want to get thick, voluminous clouds from your dry her vaporizer. However, a lot of factors can prevent you from getting the clouds you want. Fortunately, a simple adjustment can do the trick and ensure you have a better experience. It is important to proficiently use your herbal vape for enjoyable vaping. If you have bought a Psychonaut dry herb vaporizer, here’s how you can make the most vapor out of it. 

Get the Driest Herbs

Drier herbs will ensure a better vapor. You need to get the driest herbs you can from the smoke shop. However, if the herbs are not dry enough, use a simple glass jar to get them more dehydrated. Place tissue paper on top of and beneath the herb and leave it overnight in a glass jar. 

Use a Good Grinder

A good grinder will help vape your herb more efficiently by breaking it up, increasing the surface area. Herb that is properly ground has plenty of exposed surface area, which lets hot air travel through and pick up the terpenes and other potent molecules. With a lot of surface area, you’re her will burn evenly and will get you the most vapor. 

Choose the Best Oven

The majority of weed vapes have certain instructions on how much herbs you can place in the chamber. However, generally, it is important to pack a fully and fluffy oven. It’s because dry herb vapes tend to work best when the heated air can pass through the ground herb ad heat it up evenly.

Aside from getting better vapor, you will get better flavor and potency since you will be extracting more of the herb’s active substances. Also, the draw resistance is lower, so you do not need to pull as hard from the mouthpiece. When picking a dry herb vaporizer, think about the oven size. If you vape solo, go for a small oven, but if you vape with a group, choose a bigger oven.

Use the Right Inhaling Technique

If you want to extract more of the vapor, do long, slow draws. However, the draw’s length is different with every vaporizer. Thus, you must experiment with your vape to determine the draw duration that works best for you. The majority of vaporizers work better when you draw in a controlled way and taking a full breath. However, regardless of the vape you use, it will take a few draws to get the hang of it. 


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