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Instances You Should Consider Cosmetic Dentistry


A smile is powerful; it does not just impact your moods and confidence but also those around you, considering its contagious nature. This emphasizes the need to take the relevant measures to keep your smile bright. The measures range from practical oral hygiene routines to seeking professional services for cleaning, checkups, and appropriate treatments. Dr. Shebani Pahwa Arora offers various cosmetic procedures that can help revitalize your smile and boost your confidence. Among the top instances to consider cosmetic dentistry treatments includes:

Teeth discoloration or staining

Discoloration or stains can make smiling an awkward experience since you are more likely to struggle to do it without showing your teeth. While you can try at-home remedies, a professional touch is recommended. The discoloration, for example, may indicate dental problems beyond hygiene.

Your dentist can offer effective teeth whitening and recommend appropriate treatments if it is caused by soft pulp disease or tooth decay. Professional teeth whitening includes thorough cleaning, which ensures you get rid of plaque buildup in tricky and hard-to-reach areas. This means it doubles as a cosmetic procedure and an oral hygiene boost, helping you spot a radiant and healthier smile.

Dental asymmetry

Uneven teeth shapes and sizes can make your smile unattractive. Symmetry is crucial as you endeavor to spot a beautiful smile, which cosmetic dentistry can help you achieve. Procedures like bonding and veneers can help resize and reshape your teeth, ensuring they appear proportional.

Broken, chipped, or cracked teeth

Teeth wear over time, leaving them susceptible to chips and cracks. The issues could also be caused by trauma or excess stress from chewing on hard materials. Broken/chipped/cracked teeth are not just a threat to your smile. They make your teeth more sensitive and can affect your oral hygiene quests. Cosmetic dentistry, like crowns, can help by covering blemishes, strengthening the teeth, and improving your smile.

Gaps or missing teeth

Gaps between your teeth are unsightly, which procedures like bonding can address. You may also have lost a tooth, which leaves a noticeable gap. Besides the smile, such gaps impact your speech, bite, chew, and oral health.

For example, a gap from a missing tooth speeds up jawbone deterioration due to lack of stimulation. It means you will start noticing premature aging signs like a sunken face. This is not to mention the increased risk of losing more teeth because the uneven pressure distribution impacts them as you bite and chew. Cosmetic dental procedures like implants help you avoid such concerns and spot an amazing smile.


Dental misalignment (malocclusion) affects your smile and can cause other concerns, such as difficulty chewing. Misalignment mainly happens due to developmental issues or habits like sucking on the thumb longer. Modern cosmetic procedures, including Invisalign, offer a discreet and comfortable solution to help straighten teeth.

Cosmetic dentistry mainly focuses on restoring your smile. Nonetheless, the procedures offer more since they can help improve dental functionality and health more so since your hygiene efforts will become more manageable and productive. Visit SPA Dental Group today for more information on cosmetic procedures.

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