Is Breast Reduction a Safe and Effective Procedure?


While it may seem embarrassing to talk about it, large breasts can be problematic for some women. They may contribute to challenges like chronic back pain and trouble finding attire that fits perfectly. Fortunately, the breast reduction Beverly Hills procedure allows you to achieve your desired breast size and eliminate the challenges associated with large breasts.

When should you consider breast reduction surgery?

Breast reduction surgery, medically referred to as a mammoplasty, is a minimally invasive procedure that eliminates excess skin and tissue from your breasts. This surgery allows you to achieve your ideal breast size and the discomfort associated with having big breasts.

Breast reduction surgery also eases the burden, allowing you to participate freely in your favorite physical activities while improving self-confidence. While considering getting a breast reduction surgery, it is vital to set realistic goals and comprehend what it entails, including the possible complications and risks.

Breast reduction is an excellent procedure for women whose large breasts cause poor self-image, nerve pain, chronic shoulder, back, and neck pain, and restricted activity. Women of all ages are eligible for breast reduction, including teenagers. However, if your breasts are still underdeveloped, you may need another surgery in the future to maintain your proportional and comfortable physical appearance.

Your doctor may ask you several questions during your consultation and conduct a medical exam to determine if breast reduction surgery is appropriate. If you plan to expand your family or lose weight, this surgery may not be suitable. If you also smoke, are obese, or have a chronic condition like diabetes, your doctor may also disqualify you from this procedure.

How can you prepare for breast reduction surgery?

During your appointment, your plastic surgeon may review your overall health history and discuss your breast appearance and size goals to ensure that you leave the facility pleased. Your provider may also measure and take photographs of your breasts. Dr. Jacobson gives you a clear outline of the benefits and risks of breast reduction surgery.

You may also need to quit smoking before and after your procedure, complete several lab tests and undergo a baseline mammogram.

What should you expect during the procedure?

Dr. Jacobson and his team usually perform breast reduction surgery under general anesthesia to ensure that you are comfortable and do not experience any pain. He then creates tiny incisions to eliminate the unwanted fat, skin, and tissue. He establishes a lollipop incision from beneath your areola to your breast crease to facilitate the removal of the tissue. The team then repositions and reshapes your breasts to achieve your desired appearance. This approach causes minimal scarring so thats hardly noticeable.

What should you expect after your breast reduction procedure?

You can inform your loved one to drive you to have after the surgery for safety purposes. Before your discharge, your provider may give you instructions to aid quick and successful recovery. You should notice the excellent results immediately after the surgery. Two weeks after your surgery, you can resume your daily activities, but full recovery occurs after 3-4 weeks.

Call Dr. Jacobson or use the online scheduling tool to create an appointment for more information about breast reduction surgery.

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