PCOS Treatment In New York – Everything You Need To Know


PCOS is one problem with which many women are suffering with nowadays. This condition affects the ovaries. This can affect the hormone levels of women. Due to an imbalance of hormones, they experience irregular periods, and because of this, it can become difficult for them to get pregnant. If you experience irregular periods, it is important to visit a GYN or OB immediately. 

Taking the treatment for PCOS can help you conceive. For Garden City PCOS treatment, you could approach the GYN/OB of Women’s Health Care. Dr. John Gomes offers the best treatment for PCOS. This doctor may recommend either changes in your lifestyle or medications for PCOS by looking at the condition of your fibroids. Take his appointment to know in detail about his treatment. 

What causes PCOS?

Research is still going to know what causes PCOS in women. However, the below factors can increase the chances of PCOS. 

  • If your mother, grandmother, or sister have PCOS, you may also get PCOS. 
  • Overproduction of a hormone called androgen can also increase the risk of PCOS. Due to the overproduction of this hormone, you may experience acne and unwanted hair on your skin. 

PCOS – Symptoms

  • Acne: Women with PCOS may experience severe acne. You may observe acne on your face, chest, and back due to this condition. 
  • Irregular Periods: Women with this problem may not get periods at all sometimes. Some women may get around 7 to 8 periods in a year. 
  • Weight Gain: According to studies, the majority of women with PCOS have obesity or overweight problems. 
  • Headache: Women with PCOS may experience headaches very frequently. 

Diet for PCOS Patients

  • Include the food items that have good anti-inflammatory properties in your diet regularly. Some examples of such foods are green leafy vegetables, berries, etc. 
  • Try to use coconut oil or olive oil for cooking. 
  • Eat fish, chicken, whole grains, and fruits regularly, as they help you to manage the symptoms of PCOS. Having these food items regularly can prevent heart problems too.
  • Use spices such as turmeric regularly in your diet. Ensure that you don’t use more than the daily recommended amount.
  • Dark chocolate would also be beneficial for PCOS. Avoid eating too much dark chocolate daily. 

Women with PCOS must ensure that they keep their bodies well-hydrated always. This helps in preventing unnecessary complications in the future. 

Take an appointment with a reputed OB/GYN in New York for PCOS treatment!

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