Race Car Birthday Party

Remember the awesome pirate party post? Well…if you’re kiddo is more into race cars..this one is for you!

Let’s start with the amazing cake! Yes, the 3 is backwards…no I didn’t realize it until I was looking at the pics. But since it’s a round cake and can be seen from all directions, I’ll say that I meant too! 🙂


We played red light, green light…just before it started to rain! Took the kids pic in front of a race car skin (not pictured). And played pin the wheel on the race car (also not pictured…sorry)

My sister made an awesome “Happy Birthday” sign, with little cars on the letters and the goodie bags were filled with little chocolate doughnuts “spare tires”!


The snacks were little car cheese sandwiches, almonds and carrots “nuts and bolts”, heavily diluted blue koolaide “antifreeze” and sweet tea “motor oil”, a cooler of beer for the adults “high octane” and chocolate dipped pretzel rods “dip sticks”


Fun was had by all!

Can’t wait to post about this year’s party…Super Heroes!!


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