Reasons To Get Teeth Whitening Done At The Dentist


Teeth whitening is one of the most popular and common dental procedures in the industry. From normal people to celebrities, everybody loves a white, bright smile and gets a teeth whitening procedure done at least once in their lifetime. There are several approaches to this procedure– in-clinic, at-home kits, whitening toothpaste, etc. 

If you are confused between the various options, you may benefit by learning about their pros and cons. The best method that people usually opt for is the in-clinic procedure, where a professional does the work. The results are much better than when you use toothpaste or DIY kits. Visit an upland teeth whitening dentist today. 

Reasons to get teeth whitening done at the dentist

  • You get faster results. 

At-home kits and teeth whitening toothpaste won’t give you immediate results. You would have to follow the instructions and use them consistently for a few weeks to get slightly brighter teeth. In contrast, teeth whitening at the dentist promises desired results in less than an hour. 

The home remedies and dentist’s procedures both use hydrogen peroxide, but your dentist uses a higher amount. Furthermore, a dentist also uses light or heat to speed up the whitening process. 

  • You get long-lasting results. 

You cannot get the same quality of teeth whitening at home that you can get at a dentist’s office. Before the procedure, the dentist will assess your teeth to determine whether teeth whitening is right for you. 

If you have dental crowns or bridges, those won’t be bleached since they can make your teeth look dark or stained. Your dentist will avoid those areas to derive a better result. Furthermore, your dentist will conduct a deep cleaning, such as removing plaque and tartar so that the bleaching agent can do its job properly. 

  • You get peace of mind. 

When you get teeth whitening done by a professionally trained individual, you have peace of mind that you are under the care of an expert. They are less likely to make mistakes that damage your teeth and gums. 

There are various teeth-whitening products in the market that contain unsafe amounts of hydrogen peroxide in the bleaching agents. Moreover, using too much bleaching agent on your teeth can be damaging as well. 

Using too much teeth whitening product can make your teeth sensitive by damaging the outer layer called the enamel. If whitening gel is left on your teeth for too long, it can make your teeth dry and causes them to hurt. 

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