The Most Common Beard Growing Mistakes


Many men believe they simply cannot grow a beard. No matter how hard they try or what products they use, the hair just does not grow.

While it may seem hopeless, some tips can be used to help encourage beard growth, including using high-quality products. While thinking about beard styles is fun, before thinking about trimming and cutting a beard, it is important to get it to grow. Keep reading to learn about some of the biggest beard mistakes and how to avoid them.

Not Giving the Beard Time to Grow

An average beard will grow around half of an inch per month. Remember, though, a person’s beard could grow faster or slower than this depending on their genetics. Also, not all parts of the beard are going to grow at the same rate. Some areas may appear full, while others seem thin.

At this point, many men will give up altogether. They just believe they do not have the right genetics for beard growth. However, it just means that things are moving a bit slower. A man’s beard will continue to develop and grow into their 30s. This means if their beard is still somewhat straggly during their twenties, there is no need to worry. A full beard will grow in eventually. It does not matter how old someone is; every man should dedicate a minimum of two months to growing their beard.

Allowing the Beard to Grow

Even in the early stages, it is necessary to trim the beard. As mentioned above, each part of the beard will grow at its own rate. After a month of growth, a beard that has not been trimmed will appear unbalanced. Trimming these longer parts down will help reduce the look of a patchy beard while the slower growth areas catch up.

Trimming a beard during the early stages of growth is easy. All that is needed is some clippers and the necessary guard length. Use the same setting on all parts of the beard. As the beard grows more, it will be possible to begin shaping it a bit more.

Neglecting the Neckline

A person’s beard should never connect to their chest hair. When a man smiles, the beard or stubble present should not lift higher than the jawline. When figuring out where to make a line, try to shave under the Adam’s apple.

Washing a Beard too much or Not Enough

It is smart to wash the face and stubble daily with a specialized beard or face cleanser. After the stubble begins to transition to a longer beard, be sure to wash it using a beard cleaner a few times per week. This will help to keep the beard from getting too dry.

When it comes to proper beard care, there are several mistakes that new beard growers may make. Knowing what the mistakes are is the best way to avoid them. Being informed using the tips here will help ensure the desired results are achieved for someone is trying to grow a beard.


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