Things You Must Know As A Nine-Month Pregnant Woman


Pregnancy is always a great step for any couple. It is more so for the woman as it brings about a series of physical, emotional, and hormonal changes in her body. This may scare some people. Especially the pregnancy myths frighten the to be a mother to no lengths. The stress and anxiety, however, is bad for the baby and may affect it. So we bring to you this guide where we answer some common questions that may arise in your brain around and about this time: 

Symptoms During This Time

Heads up: this is going to be one crazy month for you! You may be sitting there, relaxing on the couch and see an elbow bulge out of your stomach, or feel a kick now and then. The baby is growing. Here are some symptoms that you need to watch out for during the last month: 

  1. Braxton-hicks contractions
  2. Shortness of breath
  3. Varicose veins
  4. Heartburn
  5. Exhaustion
  6. Constipation
  7. Red or brownish vaginal discharge 
  8. Pelvic pain

These are just some general symptoms that usually occur around this time. It does not mean you must experience all of them or else something is amiss. Relax!

Grocery List For The Month

You will hear many notions about what you must eat, drink, buy during this period, but not all of them are worth a follow-up. Here are some items that you really must concentrate on stocking: 

  1. Food that can be pre-cooked and stored in the refrigerator. 
  2. Glass storage containers to avoid any item made of plastic. 
  3. Keep a supply of cotton panties, as this is no time to look at your sexiest. 
  4. Hoard up on items such as vitamin D3 drops and nipple creams that would be useful during breastfeeding when the baby comes along. 

Keep what you just read in mind and do not go about believing what every other person tells you about this phase. Go only with the doctor’s advice. Doing a 9 months pregnant ultrasound could also be exciting at this point. The key is to relax and be stress-free. 


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