Top Five Myths Concerning The Laser Treatment


The skin is one of the crucial organs that dictates your appearance. Therefore it is necessary to maintain the skin’s wellness to remain attractive in front of people. Besides, you have emotional satisfaction when you have smooth skin, boosting your overall mental health. However, you are more likely to develop wrinkles and age spots that interfere with your skin color tone as you age. Some environmental conditions such as extreme sunlight can also cause skin disorders such as sun spots which undermine an individual’s attractiveness. Nevertheless, if you suffer from such skin conditions, you should contact a plastic surgeon Mt Kisco for an effective remedy. The following are myths revolving around laser treatment in skincare.

All laser treatments are similar

Many believe there is no disparity in applying the laser in skin care. Different laser treatments use light to remove skin conditions, thus improving skin tone. However, one laser may not be fit to eliminate all conditions on your skin as many people could think. Also, the laser on one person may not be effective on the other person since it depends on the skin condition and the patient’s skin type. Therefore, you need to know your skin type before laser procedures.

The procedures are painful

Some people fear the laser treatments, claiming they are painful and unbearable. Nevertheless, when the specialists perform this procedure correctly, the patients do not feel any serious pain other than the slight itch, which feels like a rubber snapped against the skin. This slight itching usually disappears within the shortest time, thus guaranteeing comfort to the patients during the procedure.

The laser providers do not matter

The laser treatment involves using a machine which leaves some individuals believing that anyone can handle those machines and yield the best results in skincare. However, the reality is that the person operating the laser devices matters more than even the device itself. The lasers are just the variables in skin care, implying that the specialists need to adjust those devices to meet the personalized needs of the patient’s skin, such as skin texture. Improper handling of the laser devices can cause nerve damage and intense burning on individuals’ skin.

Laser treatment causes skin thinning

The mention of the beam of light in alleviating the skin condition can propel you to think that this procedure can reduce the thickness of the skin. The truth is that the laser treatments stimulate gentle heating on the skin, which triggers the formation of the new collagens, thus boosting the elastin formation. This treatment procedure, therefore, causes thickening of the skin arising from the rejuvenating effects after the exercise.

Lasers are costly

Some people perceive the laser procedures to be expensive while maintaining the skin’s wellness since they only view these procedures in the short run. However, when considering the long-run impacts, you will know that lasers are cheaper than waxing and using razors to maintain the skin. Through lasers, the patients will only have a few painless sessions to eliminate their hair permanently, saving their long-run shaving costs.

The skin conditions are rampant, especially for individuals who encounter adverse environmental conditions such as excessive sun exposure. These conditions usually trigger skin disfigurement, which undermines individuals’ self-esteem. Nonetheless, if you are a victim, you should not worry since I have great news for you. At The Center for Dermatology Cosmetic & Laser Surgery, David Bank, MD, and his team of experienced dermatologists offers tailored skin care to all ages. Book an appointment and visit the facility today to restore your attractiveness.

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