Ways To Battle Computer Vision Syndrome


If you’re engaged on the computer for office work, you might know how to exhaust your eyes at the end of the day.

But even if you don’t spend full time in the office, there is a probability that you spend some of your hours on digital devices such as phones and laptops.

It has been observed in children and adults that spending more time on digital devices can lead to computer vision syndrome.

Symptoms may include eye pain, headaches, dry eyes, neck and shoulder strain.

Here we will discuss some key points to get relief from eyes related problems while using digital devices.

  1. Plan a Comprehensive Eye Check-Up

The very first step to keep your eyes healthy is to have a comprehensive routine eye check-up with your eye doctor.

Like the time you’re there, be confident to mention the time that you spend on digital devices because accordingly, your doctor can advise you tips to keep your eyes healthy.

  1. Stick to 20/20/20 Rule

If you devote most of the hours in front of digital devices, make sure to have a 20 seconds break after every 20 minutes and try to divert your focus on something else that is 20 feet away from you.

  1. Be Aware of How Frequent You Blink

When you spend more time on screen, your blink rate drops, which can cause dryness of eyes and blurry vision.

To overcome this, try to be aware of the blink rate or how often you blink while using digital devices.

  1. Take a Break For Walking

Most people take only 15 -15 minutes break twice throughout a day or during office hours but talking more frequent breaks of a short interval of time from digital devices can help your eyes to take a rest.

Make sure during a walk, your motive is to stretch your full body and perform some sort of physical activity.

In this manner, your eyes, as well as your body, feel energetic when again you will start your work.

  1. Examine Display Settings of Your Device

Ignore straining your eyes by altering the brightness of your screen so that it will match the lighting around you. If your screen seems like a light source, it is too bright. If it seems dim and dull, it’s too dark.

Even the size of fonts and contrast have an adverse effect on your eyesight.

  1. Have a Words With Your Doctor About Glasses or Contact Lenses

If you are worried about Digital Eye Strain, have a word with your eye doctor for more available options.

Even if you don’t wear glasses full time, specialized eyeglasses can help you lessen eye strain and decrease reflection and filter out blue light.

According to the study, the existence of even minor problems can affect comfort and performance while using a computer or digital devices.

Wrapping of the Article

Eyes are a precious gift given to see the beautiful world.

So, it’s our responsibility to pay attention to the health of the eyes.

If you notice any uncertainty, book an appointment with your optometrist without any delay.

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