What Are The Different Types of Nose Job Procedures?


Rhinoplasty, commonly referred to as nose jobs, have grown in popularity in recent decades at an astronomical rate. Today, tens of thousands of people get nose jobs every year just in the United States, but a lot of people don’t realize that there are many different types of nose job procedures to choose from.

We’ve partnered with Dallas Surgical Arts, a nose job dallas specialist, to help us develop this list oriented around the different types of nose job surgeries. By going through these options, you’ll have a much more thorough understanding as to what you may be looking for in your next cosmetic surgery!

Different Types of Nose Job Procedures

Every nose job procedure is inevitably going to be 100% unique, and this is because every patient has their own unique expectations and needs. Every cosmetic surgeon will follow basic steps, but they’ll also customize their procedure to each patient.

There are four main types of nose job procedures that you should know about, including the following:

Closed Nose Job

This is by far the most popular type of nose job within the marketplace today, and this is largely because incisions are hidden within the nose. There’s no visible scarring from this procedure, and this nose job is typically less invasive than the below types.

Because closed nose jobs are less invasive, they’re also less time-consuming and easier to recover from. Many nose job patients that only require small structural changes will choose this option.

Open Nose Job

This is a more intensive version of the nose job procedure that’s usually only required when a patient needs extensive work done. This means anything more than minor changes to nose structure will require this type, and this procedure will usually require incisions around the columella area of the nose.

Because the columella area is needed for open nose jobs, it also means that this procedure require a long recovery period. This type of nose job isn’t just for cosmetic purposes, because many patients that have collapsed valves or other structural deformities may require this type of procedure.

Filler Nose Job

This is a non-surgical, less popular type of nose job, and this procedure can also be performed by dermatologists as well. This is a good option for any patient that needs to correct certain minor imperfections around their nose area, and it typically entails an injectable filler product.

This is a good option for those experiencing minor nose issues because it’s a quick procedure that’s also non-invasive. One thing to keep in mind about filler nose jobs is that the results aren’t going to be permanent.

Revision Nose Job

This is the type of nose job procedure that’s typically done after a more common type of nose job, and revisions are simply sometimes necessary when a patient isn’t fully satisfied with their results. Revision nose jobs also apply to satisfied patients that simply want to make further changes.

One of the most common reasons why a patient may need a revision nose job is due to breathing difficulties, which sometimes happens after primary nose job procedures.

Contact The Nose Job Dallas Experts at Dallas Surgical Arts To Learn More About Nose Jobs!

A lot of men and women are really interested in nose job procedures, but get shy when it comes to reaching out for expert advice. Although nose jobs are often a rather sensitive medical issue, it’s nothing to be ashamed of at all!

So many people are getting nose jobs these days for a reason, and this is because it’s never been easier or more affordable to obtain these types of cosmetic results. You can learn more about nose job procedure types and which one fits best for you by speaking directly with the Dallas Surgical Arts team via the link to their site at the top of this page!

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