Why Follicular Grouping is more innovative & widely accepted to restore hair?



Hair loss is a growing problem in today’s fast life. Premature baldness is responsible for the rising anxiety and stress in human being. However, improved technology has helped mankind with the facilities like hair transplants at popular hair growth clinic under the care of experienced doctors.

Before going for a hair transplant or any treatment associated with hair growth then this article is for you. We are here talking about the Follicular grouping technology that is widespread today and is ruling over the micro-grafts because of more survival and sustenance quotients.

Since the successful experimentation by Dr Seager in 1996, it has been proved that the survival rate of the unit follicular hair transplant is far better than the single draft micrografting. Soon after that surgeons and people looking forward to restoring their hair started opting for the follicular grouping treatment rather than the micrografting technique of planting hair. 

Why the follicular transplant process is so limited among doctors?

The primary reason behind the limited practice of the follicular grouping is the talent that the surgery requires. There are very few doctors who have the expertise to operate FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) like they need to perform the PRP treatment. Always remember, their expertise can be judged with their capacity of conducting such treatment. We cannot call it a drawback of the hair transplant process, rather doing FUE or FUT is far more challenging the performing the micrografting surgeries. 

Important Things to remember-

  • During the dissection phase, the hair transplant procedure prevents the anticipated iatrogenic injury to the follicular units. 
  • Natural hair saves a lot of time during the transplant procedure and mainly during separating the follicular units and in a short while these can be placed on the scalp.
  • During the direction phase, the hair transplanting procedure protects the follicular units. 
  • Any surgeon will use the technique of grouping the hair follicles as an important tool to create wonders through the surgery.
  • It requires a strategic planning to create a bald scalp full of wavy black, wavy and shining hair.

Therefore, if you are looking for regaining beautiful hair on the scalp, opt for the follicular unit treatment. 

Amelia Puga

Private Gastroenterologist London

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