5 Annual Wellness Visit Preparation Tips You Should Try


Regular visits to your doctor remain critical no matter how healthy you feel or think you are. Seeing our doctor regularly creates an opportunity to consult concerning health issues or get an update on your health. The Stone Mountain Oasis Healthcare Service, Inc. specialists recommend annual wellness visits as a great deal in optimizing health. Some chronic illnesses are better caught early, and regular checkup increases your chances. Regular visits to your doctor also allow you to practice preventative dentistry. Getting everything in order before your visit can ensure you get the most from your checkup. The following tips can help you.

Get all Medical Records

You will want to take all your medical records to your doctor, especially as a first-timer. You will also want to take your current medical records to your doctor if you are going for a subsequent visit. The information can help your doctor focus on possible risk factors and better understand any current symptoms. Remember to carry your test results to give your doctor clues about your current health status. The information can also guide your doctor on the next step.

Note that all Medications and Supplements

List them if you have taken other medications or supplements since your last check-up. You could be experiencing complications as side effects of certain medications. Your doctor can also examine the effectiveness of your current treatments and make recommendations. Many supplements seem harmless, but some can have adverse effects, especially when combined with medications.

Record Your Symptoms

It is crucial to provide accurate information about any symptoms you might be currently experiencing. Therefore, ensure you do not go beyond the ordinary, including the frequency and intensity. It is also important to note if the symptoms get worse at specific times or if they are affected by other factors like what you eat. Remember that any changes in your health can lead your doctor to discover serious issues that might not present adverse effects until they are advanced.

Expect a Thorough Physical Examination

Your doctor, from your medical history and current symptoms, needs to thoroughly examine you before making their conclusions. Expect to answer more questions about our health and your symptoms. Also, expect your doctor to order some tests alongside physical therapy to examine the overall state of your health.  Remember that an accurate diagnosis is the best way to get effective treatment. Your doctor uses the results and findings to design the best treatment option for you.

Do Your Paperwork Early

Consult your doctor adequately to understand if there is necessary paperwork you need to fill out before your appointment. You might have switched your insurance which you better manage ahead of time. Please complete all required documents and put them together, along with your medical history and test results. Additionally, it would be better to write down your questions. Remember that you can be anxious on the day of your checkup and might forget what you wanted to ask your doctor. However, having a written form of questions helps refer to and not leave any concerns unanswered.

The importance of regular wellness visits cannot be underestimated. Your next appointment can be better with these tips. Contact the Oasis Healthcare Service, Inc specialists to schedule our next wellness appointment.

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