5 Tips to Prepare For Spine Surgery


Spine surgery may be necessary for neck and back discomfort that does not get better after receiving interventions like medications, physical therapy, and injections. When your board-certified neurosurgeon Ali H. Mesiwala, MD, FAANS, executes spine surgery, he provides you with long-lasting pain relief and the freedom to resume an active lifestyle.

 You are likely a little anxious about how everything will work out if you are about to get spine surgery. This is why it is crucial to understand how to be ready for spine surgery.

 Here are some tips to prepare for spine surgery;

  1.   Be active

Even though it might be difficult to deal with back discomfort, you should make an effort to keep being active before having surgery.

Being active is essential, especially if you are overweight. This is because persons who are overweight have a higher risk of experiencing difficulties following surgery. Find out if your spine doctor has any workout advice for shedding pounds.

If your back discomfort makes it difficult for you to exercise and you have not yet discussed with your doctor the option of having spine surgery, you should be aware of the warning signals that it is time to think about having back surgery.

  1.   Stop smoking

Before your surgery, you should try quitting smoking for a few months. Quitting smoking is because smokers are more likely to experience complications following surgery. This includes issues like bone healing delays and wound infections.

Inform your doctor if you use cigarettes or tobacco products, at the very least. They can assist you in planning your quitting strategy.

  1.   Check your meds

Different drugs may induce bleeding or affect the anesthesia used during surgery. Therefore, before undergoing spinal surgery, ask your doctor if there are any drugs you need to stop taking.

If you use non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, it is vital to inform your doctor. You might get a variety of safe prescription drugs from your spine surgeon.

  1.   Make an arrangement for your transportation

You may be able to walk after surgery. However, while you are healing, you will require assistance around the house. Making arrangements for help with tasks like cleaning, dressing, doing laundry, and grocery shopping is crucial for this reason.

Additionally, you will need to be ready to put your vehicle in storage for a bit. Therefore, plan ahead for your transportation. At the absolute least, you will require a ride home following your procedure. Ensure you inform your spine surgeon in advance if you will be making a lengthy drive In the days following surgery.

  1.   Learn more about blood donation

Blood transfusions are uncommonly required during spine surgery for patients. However, there is always a slight possibility of losing blood during the procedure.

Therefore discuss with your doctor the advantages and disadvantages of utilizing other people’s blood versus giving your blood.

If you donate blood, your spine surgeon could advise an iron supplement. This will aid in strengthening your blood.

It is common to feel anxious if you are about to undergo spine surgery. But remember that preparing for the surgery is the finest thing you can do. Also, if you have any questions, consult your spine surgeon.

Call Ali H. Mesiwala, MD, FAANS, to book your appointment for spine surgery.

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