Amazing Herbs You Should Grow in Your Kitchen Garden


The herbs and vegetables you buy from the market are not ensured quality and you may not know how much chemicals go into growing them. To ensure you and your family’s health, grow your own set of herbs and vegetables in your garden. The trends of the kitchen garden are all the rage right now, so jump on the bandwagon and grow your food in your home or apartment. 

The main benefit of growing your herbs is that you can easily make your home remedies for several health issues. Home remedies are beneficial for health as they do not have many side effects.  Visit website to know which health issues can be easily treated and managed through herbal remedies. Take a look at some of the amazing herbs you can grow in your kitchen garden easily. 

  1. Calendula 

Calendula is most commonly known as pot marigold. It is an old herb with antiseptic, anti-fungal properties. The petals of pot marigold are of yellow and orange colour which provide skin-soothing benefits, so it is widely used in natural cosmetics and diaper creams. It is a herb that blooms all season long. Harvest the petals fresh into your home garden where lots of sunlight comes. 


  • Cilantro 


Cilantro is the most common herb used in cooking. It is mostly used in Mexican, Indian and Thai dishes. Its unique flavour adds a different taste to the recipe in which it is added. Even its seeds are used by Indians in their recipes.

Few people know about its medicinal properties but it has been researched that it has powerful benefits for digestion. It is also helpful in extracting toxins from the body. So, think no more and plant this magical herb in your garden as soon as possible. Cilantro grows in a cool, moist atmosphere.



  • Lemon balm 


Lemon balm is very beneficial as its oils, bitters and tannins in its fragrant leaves have an antispasmodic and relaxing effect on the nervous system as well as the stomach. It helps fight off many common health issues. Lemon balm is gentle and tasty enough for children to consume when prepared in teas. This herb makes a pretty patch of bright green in your garden. Lemon balm in dry form loses its potency after six months. 


  • Peppermint 


Peppermint and spearmint are herbs familiar in taste as it is used mostly in chewing gums and toothpaste. Peppermint has a more strong flavour and even stronger medicinal properties. When it is consumed in form of tea, peppermint relieves digestive issues and helps soothe sore muscles if applied in form of lotion. 

Grow each peppermint and spearmint plant in its large pot. Harvest leaves exactly before flowering. If you get late in picking out the leaves, the taste will start getting bitter.


  • Rosemary 


Rosemary herb stimulates optimism and energy. It also sharpens memory and focuses by bringing more oxygen to the brain. You only need one plant in your garden to house this herb. 


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