Can Good Sleep Be a Natural Tinnitus Treatment?


People in search of a cure for Tinnitus are often very disappointed when they find out that it doesn’t have a permanent cure. While there are many treatment options and remedies out there, none can provide guaranteed relief.

But, what a lot of people don’t know is that just sleeping better can help them overcome their Tinnitus. This article will explain how. Here’s a good resource on more natural Tinnitus treatments. There, you will find tips about vitamins, diets and lifestyle choices you can make to help you get rid of your Tinnitus. 

So, coming back to sleep, how can a great night’s sleep help with ringing in the ears. The answer predominantly lies in how your body is able to recover from stress, anxiety and even depression when you sleep well. When you have Tinnitus, you are probably incredibly stressed. Stress and anxiety can in turn make your Tinnitus much worse as you will always be agitated, irritable and worried about how your life is spiraling out of control due to your Tinnitus. But, even just one night’s sleep can greatly keep feelings of anxiety and stress at bay.

This then allows your Tinnitus to subside. Over just weeks or months with good sleep, your body will begin to habituate to Tinnitus. In other words, you will still hear the ringing sound. But, you won’t be stressed, irritated or anxious about the sound anymore. 

Habituation can then lead to an even further reduction in Tinnitus related stress and anxiety. Like the opposite of a vicious cycle, you will enter into a constructive cycle that will allow your body and mind to slowly ignore Tinnitus. 

How likely is sleep capable of resolving your Tinnitus? Better sleep will definitely decrease the intensity of your Tinnitus. Though chances of complete resolution are relatively low, it will definitely put you on the right path. 

Combine good sleep with other good practices like practicing mindfulness, meditation or even by talking to a friend or family member about your Tinnitus. Cutting back on salty, fatty and sugary foods will all help your blood pressure normalize. This can in turn allow your ears to enjoy an increased flow of blood through the tiny capillaries that lead to your ears. Your blood is what brings nutrients to your ears. Sodium, potassium and most importantly, oxygen is supplied by blood. When your ears begin to receive the nutrients that it was once denied of or provided in only a short supply of, it can begin to heal. This can then again allow your Tinnitus to heal. Sleep will act as a catalyst here and will speed up the healing process.

But, remember that sleep will probably not help your Tinnitus if it is caused by hearing loss. If you have hearing loss, it is imperative that you try to get yourself hearing aids as soon as possible. The sooner you do it, the more you have a chance of recovering from your hearing loss and also make Tinnitus less intrusive. 

Amelia Puga

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