Cannabis And Humidity Levels: An In-Depth Account


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Do you have an interest in growing cannabis?

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If you are, there are some things you might not know about growing marijuana! 

Growing cannabis plants is a good thing, but if you wish to receive maximum yields or want your final results to be positive, you have to take care of the humidity levels.

Well, you see, the humidity levels play an essential role in growing cannabis plants. It’s not just critical for the growth and the environment of the plant, but also important for water consumption.

Plants can consume water through the roots, and it retrieves its H2O from the leaves. But do you know what it depends on? Yeah, you guessed it right, it’s HUMIDITY LEVELS!!

So, to make sure that you receive the best outcome, I will provide you with information about the various humidity levels required for each of the phases in cannabis growth.

Are you ready? Gear up, and let’s ride away!!! 

  1. Starting Off The Cutting Root Period/Germination


The germination stage is the first step towards growing marijuana plants. You have to maintain the humidity levels between 80% to 90% within your small greenhouse during that phase for germination.

This is applied to those cannabis seeds that have just sprouted and those that are young seedlings [0 days to 10 days old!!]. Currently, these seeds do not carry a radicular system and are pretty fragile.

If you want the seeds to germinate properly, you have to provide them with high moisture levels. Doing so will allow them to keep their focus on the development of robust roots.

On the other hand, the right temperature for germination during the day should be between 25C to 26C and during the night it should be 21C to 22C.

Make sure you follow these figures properly if you want your cannabis seeds to germinate in the right way.

  1. The Clones 

In the beginning, your cannabis cuttings will have small roots and will not get the chance to receive much water.

Cutting will help evaporate less water when the humidity levels are pretty high, and it will also need smaller roots.

Another way through which you can easily lessen the amount of evaporation is by chopping down the big leaves halfway during the cutting. On the other end, you will also require 70% humidity when you place your cuttings within the cannabis factory.

The cuttings will start growing their roots within the cloning box when the temperature is about 71.5 Fahrenheit within a humid setting paired up with fluorescent lightings.

I will advise you to place the cutting underneath the 600-Watts HPS lamps with an ecosystem that has 30% humidity. 

Do it, and you will thank me later!! 

It will take 2 to 3 weeks for the roots to bloom and grow into the size of an actual plant. You have to make sure that the roots are durable enough to receive nutrient absorption and proper water.

  1. The Seedlings 

Let me tell you this clearly; seedlings require a separate set of rules regarding humidity levels.

This is because they carry a taproot during the germination stage and get the opportunity to take in a lot of moisture and also grow quickly.


No, just don’t! Please! 

These leaves are compulsory when it comes to absorbing evaporating water and light. You need to keep the humidity high if you want the seedlings to take in nutrition and water through their leaves.

Keep the humidity levels between 60% and then slowly go down to 40% and also make sure to purchase top-quality cannabis seeds.

You can easily get them from Homegrown Cannabis Co as they have some of the best seeds that you will surely like, and it’s also available at an affordable price range.

  1. The Flowering Stage 

When your cannabis plant reaches its flowering stage, you are free to lower down the humidity levels. During this particular stage, the roots will be pretty mature, and the plants can easily take in a lot of water and nutrients.

Reducing the humidity during the flowering stage is a good idea because the mold tends to flourish within high humidity environments. As it keeps aging, there will be a high chance of cannabis plant molding.

When there is high humidity, the water will gather around the top area when the chances of mold developing are pretty high, and bud rot stands out as the most common type of mold.

Ensure the humidity levels are between 60% to 70%, and the temperature should be 22C to 28C during the day and 18C to 22C during the nighttime. During this particular point, the radicular system will be strong enough to grow stronger immune system.

  1. The Late Flowering Stage

Don’ freak out! This is just the 2nd part of the flowering stage, so chill!

During the last flowering stage, the optimal humidity levels should be between 30% to 40%. This humidity level is necessary when you are growing marijuana plants that are sensitive towards molds or produce dense flowers.

Trust me, if you follow the humidity levels I have provided, the chances of hitting botrytis will be pretty low than you think.

Also, the temperature levels should be between 64F to 75F [18C to 24C] during the daytime and 60F to 69F [16C to 20C] during night-time.

Growing Weed Outside

This section is solely dedicated to all the outdoor cannabis growers out there!!

When you grow your marijuana plants outside, the humidity levels will not be a problem. The spring and summer times provide high humidity, which will be highly beneficial for your plants.

During these two times of the year, the plants will also gain moisture from the morning dew and then evaporate during the day. Once the summer season ends, the flowering stage begins, and the cooler season will come up with a lot of humidity and rainfall.

A little rain shower will not cause buds to rot, and you don’t have to stress on it too much. But when your plants reach the blooming part, they will benefit greatly by brushing up the dew they receive during the mornings.

 Tips & Tricks For Growing Cannabis Plant

Since I am a professional grower, I, too, experienced many challenging situations when growing cannabis. 

So, to make sure that you don’t go through that stage, I have posted some useful tips and tricks that will surely help you.


Here are some of the tips for you when the high temperature is high.

  • Water the plants perfectly during the starting of the light period.
  • Take the help of the air conditioner to eliminate the presence of moisture in the air and then think of increasing the cool air supply.
  • Keep the exhaust vent running on a high level so that you can easily push out all the hot air out of the grow room.
  • Make sure to use a dehumidifier.


Given below are some of the tips that you must follow when the temperature is high.

  • Make sure to mist plants but don’t do it on the flowering plants to prevent bud rot.
  • Try to increase the temperature within the grow room.
  • Take the help of a humidifier.
  • Turn down the exhaust vent so that you can keep in warm air.

Ending Words

Humidity levels are something that you must take care of when you want your cannabis plants to flourish well and provide you with high yields.

I assume that the information I shared will surely help you! 

Well, it’s because I received a lot of help and I am sure it will do wonders for you!


Read a lot and be a smart cultivator.

Amelia Puga

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