Choosing The Right Surrogate in San Diego To Have The Best Start for Your Baby


Surrogacy is like a boon for couples unable to conceive and start a family. Therefore, choosing the right surrogate is important so your baby can have a good beginning. The process of surrogacy can be emotional and complicated. Taking the help of a good San Diego surrogacy agency will ensure a smooth journey for you, the surrogate and the baby.

Great Beginnings Surrogacy Services in San Diego helps find the right surrogate for you by matching intended parents with healthy women who wish to undergo embryo transfer, implantation and pregnancy. They help you with every step in the surrogacy process, including the legal process. They also feel pride in being LGBTQIA+ friendly as their team welcomes anyone longing to have their own family, irrespective of their sexual or gender identity.

Qualities to look for in a good surrogate

Look for these important qualities in a surrogate:

  • Choose a healthy surrogate with no serious medical history or conditions.
  • The surrogate should have a good mental health condition since carrying someone else’s baby can have an emotional impact.
  • The surrogate should have a healthy lifestyle, a good diet, and healthy relationship with no alcoholism or smoking habit.
  • Working with an experienced surrogate with a good pregnancy history can be a good idea.
  • A surrogate with a good support network can help ensure a good surrogacy process.
  • Choose a surrogate with whom you can have good and clear communication.
  • Ensure that you and your surrogate are on the same wavelength to go through the emotional journey of surrogacy.

Your surrogate agency will help and guide you on the questions to ask a prospective surrogate so that you can select the right person.

Building your surrogacy team

You need some experts and professionals to build your surrogacy team.

  • Hire a good reproductive endocrinologist who will conduct screenings and tests, create and transfer embryos and help your surrogate achieve pregnancy.
  • Hire a lawyer to prepare legal contracts with your surrogate per California’s surrogacy laws for establishing your parental rights on the baby.
  • Mental health experts help the surrogates deal with their emotional and mental well-being. 
  • Fertility insurance experts to ensure your surrogate’s pregnancy is covered.

Getting the right surrogate to carry and give birth to your baby is a crucial and life-changing process. A reputed and experienced San Diego surrogacy agency can help find intended parents the best surrogate match with whom they can meet in person or remotely.

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