Debunking Myths on RT-PCR Testing for Covid


The covid-19 pandemic has forced us to go through multiple medical exams to make sure we are not infected with the virus. With air travel and offices resuming in the country, people have to take RT-PCR tests quite frequently and know the RT-PCR test price in Delhi and other major cities with international airports if they want to travel to tourist or work destinations. Some offices have also made it compulsory to get tested before coming to work in person. Sometimes people assume quite a lot of things about this RT-PCR testing which might not be true. People need to be made aware of all the detailed information on testing to make sure they are not jeopardizing their health and that of others.

Covid-19 RT-PCR Test Debunked 

RT-PCR Testing is compulsory in many cases and people are asked to produce test results to prove that they are free from the virus. The results will also help determine if the person is infected. This would allow them to isolate and quarantine themselves to prevent transmitting the virus to others around them. It is necessary to debunk all the Myths surrounding the RT-PCR test so that people are aware of the guidelines and the limitations of the results they receive. Sometimes people avoid taking multiple tests because of discrepancies in the RT-PCR test price in Delhi and other Indian cities. Here is a brief list of Myths that we have debunked to make you more aware of covid-19 testing:

  • A negative result always means you don’t have the virus

The first myth that needs to be debunked is that not all negative results mean you do not have the virus. In the early stages, the virus might not be detected by the RT-PCR Testing. It is recommended you stay quarantined and test again after 3-4 days to check if you are free from the virus. For getting tested, you can check the RT-PCR price in Delhi or other cities in India online and then select a suitable test for yourself.

  • Two labs cannot have different results for RT-PCR Testing 

While this is partially true, the final verdict depends on when you have submitted a sample to each lab. If you have done the testing on two separate days with a gap in between, there is a chance of getting two results. If the testing is done on the same day, there might be a problem with the samples collected. It is recommended to take the test again to be sure. You can select tests for yourself based on the RT-PCR test price in Delhi and other Indian cities.

  • A negative result means you don’t have to follow covid-19 protocols

Now, this statement is not true at all. You might catch the virus anytime and from anyone around you. It is completely possible to catch the virus after you have done the test. Sometimes in the early stages of the infection, the result will be negative but you will still have the virus. Therefore, you must follow covid-19 protocols at all times to avoid catching an infection. 

  • No symptoms mean you don’t have to take an RT-PCR Test

Many people who have caught the virus have not experienced any symptoms that are commonly associated with the disease. This does not change the fact that they have been infected and can spread the disease to others. If you think you have been exposed to the virus, get yourself tested to make sure even if you do not have symptoms. Check out the RT-PCR test price in Delhi or your city for taking the test for making sure of your well-being. You can check out healthcare providers such as SpiceHealth for the best RT-PCR testing at affordable prices in India. 

People need to be extra careful during the pandemic to make sure they don’t catch or spread the virus. Living in close quarters with family members might expose them to the virus through people who travel due to work or other reasons. Therefore, you should always follow all covid protocols and test yourself frequently to be on the safe side.

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