Drugs with the Highest Prevalence in Dallas, Texas as per Skyward Center


Although drug abuse is an issue nationwide, the prevalence of certain addictions differs from state to state. As a Dallas rehab center, we are familiar with the drug problems in Texas state. Although Texas has a high prevalence of alcohol abuse, other substances also have a role. Opioid addiction is a significant issue in the state. We’ll go through the drugs that are most often abused in Texas.


Opioids are both legally available street drugs like heroin and prescription painkillers like oxycodone. Opioids are often overused nationwide, particularly in Texas. The current epidemic commenced in the late 1990s, when the number of opiate prescriptions drastically increased. These medications have all been administered to patients for years by physicians who believed them to be secure.  These drugs are very addicting.  The top four drugs that caused most drug overdose deaths in 2018—fentanyl, heroin, oxycodone and morphine—, all opioids, accounted for 67,367 fatalities. 1,402 individuals in Texas passed away from opiate overdoses in 2018.


Cocaine’s stimulant effects make the nervous system and the brain more active. Whether snorted, smoked, or injected, cocaine increases a user’s alertness, heart rate, and feelings of pleasure. However, these advantages quickly wear off, leading users to ingest progressively more cocaine. Tolerance to this chemical might be quickly developed on both a mental and a physical level. Cocaine addiction patients often require medical detox before starting treatment because of the drug’s high risk of abuse and severe physical side effects.


The drug that Texas officials seized the most in 2015 was methamphetamine. Meth was a factor in 32.4% of Texas drug complaints in 2015, leading to a citation under the law. Methamphetamine activates the brain’s central nervous system similar to amphetamine. It is very addictive and has terrible impacts on the way its users look physically. Meth usage is accompanied by a range of symptoms, such as “meth mouth,” “meth face,” and “meth mites.” People with methamphetamine addiction who don’t seek professional therapy are more likely to have issues including acne, dental decay, and heart problems. The comprehensive drug addiction therapies offered by Skyward Treatment Center in Dallas include a meth treatment program designed to address the problems associated with methamphetamine usage.


Cannabis in its synthetic and natural forms is being used more often as legalization campaigns advance nationwide. Over the course of the preceding year, 5,1% of Texans well over the age of twelve reported marijuana use, up from 5 percent in 2011. The Cannabis sativa plant’s dried leaves are what is known as marijuana. These leaves are suitable for cooking, smoking, and making tea. Contrary to popular opinion, marijuana abuse can result in physical and psychological dependence. Cannabis users who use the drug often could develop hard-to-change patterns and behaviors. Once drug abuse has become a daily part of your life, it is difficult to stop.

Seek Help from Skyward Center: The Best Drug Rehab in Dallas

Dallas has exceptionally high rates of several drug addictions. Dallas residents struggling with substance abuse should be however aware that help is available. At the 90-day residential treatment facility in Dallas known as Skyward Treatment Center, a variety of care options are available. Drug treatment facilities are accessible in and near Dallas, Texas, if you or somebody you know is suffering from substance misuse.

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