Everything You Need To Know About Becoming A Psychologist


Being a psychologist is not easy. Dealing with people’s problems daily and solving the issues needs a lot of patience.

More than any other field of clinical treatments, handling a patient’s psychological issue requires extraordinary empathy. However, too much empathy and involvement can be harmful to both the doctor and the patient.

Similarly, becoming a psychologist involves years of learning and dedication. In this article, we will tell you some factors about being a psychologist and online continuing education courses for psychologists.

Who Is A Psychologist?

A person trained in studying normal and abnormal mental states and individual behavior to diagnose a condition is called a psychologist. It also helps in understanding how a person thinks, feels, or interact in their environments.

To become a psychologist, one needs an advanced degree in the field of psychology. Most of them have a Ph.D. and Psy.D. Psychologists get special training in psychological testing and assessment and they provide psychotherapy.

What Are The Differences Between Psychiatrists And Psychologists?

Many can find these terms confusing. A psychiatrist has a special license to be able to prescribe medicines to the patients. A psychiatrist needs to attend a medical school after the post-graduation to achieve the license. However, both have the similar goal of improving peoples’ lives.

What Are Online Continuing Education Courses For Psychologists?

Even after completing education and while practicing, one needs to update themselves with the current developments in the field. These courses help them to pursue the educational aspect while working full-time.

Online continuing education courses for psychologists can effectively train you in different aspects of this field, one such is suicide prevention. You can learn about the assessment and treatment of suicide risk patients through online courses or seminars curated by qualified psychologists.

What Are Some Key Factors About Becoming A Psychologist?

Before stepping into this world, you need to know these factors about psychologists. Read on to know more.

·        Involves Ten Years Of Education:

It takes around 10 years to become a licensed psychologist. After Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees, it consists of one additional year of supervised training.

·        Involves Math And Statistics:

If you think your Bachelor of Arts in Psychology has rescued you from math, then you are wrong. You will have to study math and statistics.

·        Your State License Will Not Work In Other States:

If you have a license in California, it will not work in New York.

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