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Most people do not understand the need to undergo a flu test, especially if all they are experiencing are flu symptoms. The same case applies to most care providers because after you come to the facility complaining and presenting with flu symptoms, they start with treating symptoms. In most cases, symptomatic relief is essential because it eliminates all the discomforts you might be experiencing. However, in other cases, the flu symptoms might not go away despite taking the medication and precautions given to you by your care provider. In this case, a flu test is recommended to help determine the cause or rule out if you have Covid-19. The most common flu test performed is referred to as a Flu A&B/COVID-19 antigen combo test. Therefore, if you have been experiencing flu symptoms that are not responding to treatment and want to undergo a flu test, Ham Lake Fever flu specialists are here to your rescue. They offer the Flu A&B/COVID-19 antigen combo test to test for both influenza A&B and covid-19 virus. Hence if you are interested in learning more about a flu tests, read on.

What is a flu influenza test?

A flu influenza test involves using respiratory samples like throat or nasal swabs to check for influenza virus. Generally, influenza is a respiratory infection caused by a virus. It is common during the winter season and can be spread from one person to the other through sneezing, coughing, or touching surfaces that were inconsistent with someone infected with the influenza virus. Of importance to note is that most seasonal flu outbreaks are commonly caused by flu virus A&B. The flu influenza test usually tests for influenza viruses A & B.

What is Sofia 2 flu + SARS antigen FIA?

It is typically a test performed to detect three types of viruses: the covid-19 virus and influenza type A and type B viruses.

When do you need a flu test?

In most cases, when you are experiencing flu symptoms, you are encouraged to consult your healthcare provider for appropriate diagnosis and treatment for symptomatic relief. Usually, most people do not require a flu test, and after taking the medication and adhering to precautions given to them, they recover within a week or two. However, it might not always be the case because several factors might require you to undergo a flu test. Usually, the symptoms of flu include chills, moderate fever, loss of appetite, dry cough, tiredness, sore throat, runny nose, muscle aches, and headache. But your care provider may recommend a flu test if you are at risk of flu complications, including being pregnant, having a weak immune system, being below five years or over sixty-five years, or having a chronic illness. You might also be required to undertake a flu test to help public health officials determine whether the outbreak of respiratory conditions in your community, including a nursing home or school, is caused by the flu.

You may also undergo a flu test if your flu symptoms are persistent and you are not responding to treatment to help determine if you have covid-19. Therefore, if you fall in any of the above groups that require a flu test and need one, you can get started by scheduling your appointment at GatherWell COVID Testing today.

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