IVF and Fertility Massage: How to Get Pregnant


Many couples who are eager to start a family want to learn how to get pregnant quickly. The fertility of both parties determines how soon she can become pregnant. Some couples conceive right away after starting their fertility treatment, while others need months to conceive naturally. Some women even require medical assistance and fertility massage to become pregnant.

What Is A Fertility Massage?

This type of massage is used to help a woman’s abdomen get more blood flowing. From Europe to Central America to Asia, this style of massage is practiced all over the world. Its purpose is to assist a woman who is attempting to conceive. Fertility massage treatment has been credited by several women with assisting them in conceiving. This treatment can be taken before IVF to increase the chances of getting pregnant.

Have you tried IVF before but been unsuccessful? The IVF success rate is high, but before your next treatment cycle, you should consider getting fertility massages to increase your chances of getting pregnant.

IVF And Fertility

IVF involves extracting an egg from a woman’s ovaries and sperm from a man. Experts then fertilize the egg with sperm in a laboratory. Fertilized embryos are subsequently implanted in the womb with the expectation of pregnancy.

The IVF success rate is high and it can help couples who are having difficulty conceiving naturally. Before starting the procedure, the fertility of the couple will be tested. The examination will establish whether the pair are IVF prospects.

Preparing For Ivf

Preparing for IVF and the treatment itself may be physically and emotionally draining for a woman. Here’s a quick rundown of the IVF procedure:

  • To promote egg production, the woman is given hormone injections for 10-12 days.
  • A second injection is given to help her ovulate.
  • In the womb, eggs are extracted using a syringe guided by ultrasonography.
  • In a laboratory, the egg and sperm are combined.
  • The quality of the embryos is determined by their chance of resulting in a pregnancy.
  • Embryos are implanted into the uterus of a woman via a tiny catheter. This is placed in the vaginal and cervix areas.
  • Hormones and medicines are administered to the woman. These factors improve the likelihood of a single or more eggs implanting and leading to a pregnancy.

A healthy diet and weight are also required of the woman. She is not allowed to drink, smoke, or take supplements. are also lifestyle modifications that affect her physical well-being in addition to the choices she makes. Overall, she should strive for a balanced lifestyle in order to maintain optimal health.

Many people explore other ways to boost fertility before having IVF because of the stress it causes. Before resorting to IVF, there are a number of options for improving female fertility.

Using Fertility Massage To Get Pregnant

Some women report that fertility massages were important in their pregnancy. Some claim to have tried everything, including IVF, and nothing helped until they discovered and tried fertility massages. Could frequent massages be a better method to help women conceive? The excellent thing is that it has no effect on a woman’s ability to become pregnant. Massages are calming and soothing. They improve blood circulation to the uterus. Women who are trying to conceive should get plenty of rest and relaxation.

Massages must only be conducted by professionals. When massaging pregnant or trying to get pregnant women, a professional would know which pressure spots to avoid.

Preparing For Fertility Massage

Another benefit of fertility massages is that it does not require the use of any medications, supplements, or hormones to be effective.

Naturally, anyone who is trying to get pregnant must eat a healthy diet. Maintaining a healthy weight, quitting smoking, and limiting alcohol use are also advantageous. Both men and women benefit from this. However, whether you do or do not do these things will not prevent you from receiving a fertility massage.

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