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Men’s Susceptibility To Hernia


When it comes to hernias, men are significantly more prone to it than women, which usually occurs in the inner groin. We often think about why a hernia is more common in males, and then the answer comes with a small difference in the anatomy of the body. According to a study, 25 % of men develop an inguinal hernia, and only 2% of women do.

Interpretation of Hernia

A hernia develops when an organ or a tissue collects itself in a weak spot in your muscles. Even though they are not life-threatening, they don’t heal or go away on their own. This is why people go for Hernia repair in Baltimore and even in other parts of the country. The same procedure is applied to get rid of it.

Treating a hernia generally involves putting the tissue or organ back in the right place and then repairing the weak spot of the part. Using minimally laparoscopic procedures to remove hernias, fewer complications, and quickest recovery is possible.

Men and Inguinal Hernia

You might have often noticed that men are more susceptible to hernias, but how do men get a hernia is a big question. Hernia can happen to women also, but in men’s, there is a small hole in the groin muscles, which is vital for blood vesicles to pass through their testicles. This slight difference in the anatomy of the body makes men more prone to hernias.

In addition to that, as men age, their abdominal walls also weaken in the inguinal area, which raises the chances of getting a hernia. However, on the other hand, women have a strong lower abdomen to carry children and give birth to them. Their inguinal area has somehow stronger structures to help in keeping everything at the right place. Men and their stronger vulnerability to hernia are amongst the five most common questions about Umbilical Hernia Surgerywhich people usually ask.

Repair Surgery for Hernia

Before undergoing anyHernia Repair in Baltimore or any part of the world, it is best to talk to your surgeon first and especially about the postsurgical care and repair steps to decrease the risk of postoperative hernia. If you have been diagnosed with a hernia or having doubts about having a hernia, then immediately schedule your appointment with a highly skilled hernia surgeon and let the experts tell you your vulnerability and condition of hernia repair. While no hernia surgeries are alike, therefore it is best to consult a hernia surgeon who has extensive experience and can overcome your inguinal hernias.

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