Successful Tips to Accelerate Recovery after Mommy Makeover Surgery


Women always spend their time and resources thinking about what they can do to look pretty. Since there are numerous cosmetic and surgical procedures one can choose from, making a decision becomes even harder. Mommy Makeover Portland is one procedure attracting massive interest from several women due to the possible results it can offer. If you have never heard of it, you might be anxious about how long it would take for a full recovery. To speed up the recovery process, the following are special tips you can employ after surgery.

Be Prepared

You should be prepared for the entire recovery journey. Ensure you purchase all supplies in advance and anything you might require during the recovery period. Some popular requirements you would require include soaps, antibiotics, softeners, medications, and crackers.

Avoid Lifting Heavy Things

Heavy weights are a common obstacle to faster recovery after undergoing most surgeries. You should avoid some of your known routines for around three weeks. Also, healthcare providers discourage exercise because you may prolong the recovery time if you fall or interfere with the operated part. It will help if you allocate your chores to someone else, including a child or worker.

Take Recommended Medications

You should stick to the medication your surgeon prescribed because other medications may cause unwanted complications. Also, other medications may worsen the condition, increasing recovery time. Alternatively, ensure you take the medication at the prescribed intervals till the prescription ends.

Apply Cold Compresses

Mommy makeover surgery is associated with swelling during the recovery phase. Luckily, a cold compress is a crucial way of dealing with swelling and bruising in the first two days. You should apply the cold packs around the swollen regions to minimize swelling. However, you should ensure you apply a clean towel and avoid applying the ice pack directly to the skin.

Sleep On Your Back

After the surgery, your surgeon recommends you sleep on the back for approximately four weeks. You should avoid sleeping on your side or the belly. Besides, sleeping while keeping your head elevated and using several pillows to support your knees is a crucial technique for making you comfortable when sleeping.

Avoid Smoking

You will experience a longer recovery time than usual by smoking cigarettes or tobacco. In most cases, smoking negatively affects the healing process of most surgeries and can contribute to other dangerous complications.

Consume Lots of Water and Eat Healthy Foods

After the Mommy Makeover surgery, you will likely experience swelling and bloating. Avoid the assumptions that you can use the time to lose weight during recovery. Drinking plenty of water and consuming healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables would reduce the recovery period.

You should seek medical assistance immediately whenever you encounter an abnormal condition. What will you do if your surgeon is fully booked? Do not shiver because PNW Plastic Surgery might be the solution. At their offices in Portland, Oregon, you will receive extensive Mommy Makeover surgery through their modernized facilities. Call the clinic’s offices or book through their online platform today to schedule an appointment or a consultation.

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