The Common Cancer Treatments Options


Over the years, cancer has remained one of the leading killer diseases globally. However, some deaths could have been avoided if they had been discovered and treated early. Some people will be required to undergo one treatment, while others will have to undergo a series of treatments. Most people feel overwhelmed and confused by the different treatments that they will undergo. The patient can manage this feeling by visiting the doctor for advice. Oncology Sebring helps to diagnose, manage, and treat all types of cancer. The following are the common treatments that you can undergo.


Chemotherapy is a chemical drug that aims to destroy the fast-growing cells in the patient’s body. Normally, the cancer cells grow and divide at a higher rate than the other cells. The therapy reduces the number of cancer cells while limiting the risk of these cells spreading to other parts, a process known as metastasizing. There are many chemotherapy drugs that you can take. Therefore, you should visit the doctor to determine the most effective medicine based on your condition.

Hormone Therapy

It is used to treat cancer cells whose growth is affected by hormones. The common cancers which depend on hormones are breast and prostate cancer. Prostate cancer mainly depends on the hormone androgen, while breast cancer is caused by estrogen.  

Targeted Therapy

This is a new approach referred to as precision or personalized medicine. The outstanding feature of these therapies is that they can kill cancer while not affecting normal cells. The following medicines block the molecular pathways that affect tumor growth. Before undergoing this treatment, you should visit a doctor to conduct a biomarker or genetic testing to determine your eligibility. This testing will help the doctor to choose the best drug based on your cancer type. 


This therapy uses the body’s immune system to attack cancer cells. Since in some instances the cancer cells hide in the patient’s immune system, this therapy will work to correct this vulnerability. Immunotherapies have been confirmed that can treat a series of cancers.

Stem Cell Transplant

These are procedures applied to restore the stem cells that grow in the individual blood cells. High doses of radiotherapy or chemotherapy destroy these stem cells. Since there are different types of transplants, you should visit the specialist to advise you on the best option. Furthermore, the doctor will notify you of the side effects you are likely to suffer.


In some instances, people are advised to undergo surgeries. The surgeon will remove cancer in your body by removing the part affected by cancer. The procedure is applied to prevent cancer from spreading to other body parts. You should ask the specialist what to expect before, during, and after the surgery.

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